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  • 【Durable and Comfortable】: Safety toilet potty training seat is made of high quality PP material, sturdy and durable, high quality PU cushioned seat adds comfort for your child to sit on the potty seat trainer
  • 【Universal Design】: Adjustable training potty seat is easy to install with instruction included, fit for most standard toilet seat, suitable for V-shaped, U-shaped, O-shaped toilets, not for square toilets
  • 【Height Adjustable and Non-slip】: The height of the safety potty training can be adjusted to fit for different kids need. Non-slip feet pads at the bottom and double handrails design are safe and convenient for kids to go up the ladder
  • GROW WITH BABY: Height-adjustable ladder with-extra wide, anti-slip pad and step safely to the bowl more suited for long-term use by a family and your peace of mind.
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT & HANDLES: Training toilet is contoured for a secure fit and safe seating. Streamlined high-back design protects your baby's spine from damage; Large grips make climbing up fun and easy.
  • STABLE AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Contoured splash guard for boys and girls. Use thick slip-resistant rubber feet for floor grip, which perform best on clean, dry, oil-free floors.
  • STABLE AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Contoured splash guard for boys and girls. Use thick slip-resistant rubber feet for floor grip, which perform best on clean, dry, oil-free floors
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT & HANDLES: Kids potty training toilet is contoured for a secure fit and safe seating. Streamlined high-back design protects your baby's spine from damage; Large grips make climbing up fun and easy
  • EASILY FOLDS AND USE: Entire potty trainer folds easily and compactly for safe storage in closets or behind doors; Step toilet seat cover fits all standard size and elongated toilet seats
  • 💯PERFECT CHILD SEAT💯The built-in child seat has a Specially Designed Splash Guard, Prevents urine from spilling out of the toilet and keeps your bathroom clean! In addition, the built-in training seat is removable, so there is no need to replace the toilet seat as the baby grows.
  • 🥇100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE🥇 If the child round toilet seat is damaged due to quality problems, you can enjoy replacing the next step toilet seat with built-in child seat for free within one year and friendly customer service. Note: After the child seat is removed, the Hinge tube with or without light can be replaced.
  • 📐SIZE: ROUND 📐2-in-1 toilet training seat fits most standard round toilet seats. With 16.8" of length, 14.2" of Width, and 2.5" of Height. Please measure your toilet size before your purchase to determine if you need ROUND size.
  • 【Easy to Install & Never Loosen】Equipped with two complete set of installation accessories for quick installation. Bottom Mount (Fits most toilets); Top Mount(Needed for a few certain toilets that have blind holes).Meet all toilet installation needs. Integral hinge bracket, fitting stably and never loosen.
  • 【Ideal for Toddler Potty Training】The toilet seat with toddler seat built in, perfect size and design, easy for toddlers to use on their own and makes potty training fun; No extra space needed to store, don't need extra toddler potty in bathroom; Particularly adult don't need to dump and clean the nasty potty. The child seat can be removed for good once kids outgrow it.
  • 【Slow Close No Slamming】This toddler toilet seat slow close for adult seat and lid; Adult seat and lid close slowly and quietly with just a push, no slaming or pinching fingers, use it at will, no longer worry about waking up your family or sleeping baby. Please Note: The child seat is not slow close, it is standard close.
  • 【Easy to Install & Clean】Quick-attach hardware for fast and safe installation, won't come loose or wiggle. Quick-release hinges ensure a easy removal and convenient cleaning
  • 【Item Dimensions】Round toilet seat dimensions LXW: 17.1"x14.25" - a little bigger than standard round toilet seat, fits standard elongated and round toilet bowls (bowl size: length 15.55"-17.5", width 14.25", mounting hole distance 4"-5.8"). We are glad to help if you're not sure your toilet size.
  • 【Slow & Soft Close】Soft-closing seat closes slowly and quietly without slamming, preventing fingers pinching accidents.
  • 【Convenient Cleaning】Just flush the toilet after usage, no need to clean potty or handle the disposable potty bags, more convenient and eco-friendly.
  • 【Slow & Soft Close】Soft-closing kid seat and adult seat closes slowly and quietly without slamming, preventing little fingers pinching accident. Close the lid with kid seat together for a quiet closing.
  • 【Item Dimensions】Elongated toilet seat: LXW 17.83"×14.17"; Mounting hole distance 5.7", fits most American standard elongated toilets (Length 18.42"-18.81", Width 14.17", Mounting hole distance 5.31"-6.1"). We are glad to help if you're not sure your toilet size.
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What should you consider when choosing to buy Toilet training seat with steps in 2022?

Every company and business when selling products always wants to get their products to as many customers as possible. However, not every product launched has received favor and acceptance from customers. The decision to buy it depends on many factors. 

So what are the basic factors that have the greatest influence on customers' buying decisions? Let's discuss the most important factor to make consumers buy Toilet training seat with steps

  • Payment policy - delivery

    With the development towards modernity and simplification, consumers are tending to switch from using cash to using credit cards. The diversification of payment methods depending on the preferences and requirements of customers has also become one of the factors affecting consumers' purchasing decisions.

    Besides the payment policy, the delivery policy is also an issue that you need to pay attention to. Suppose, you buy a product that is large in size and you cannot carry it home easily? So, when buying, what you care about more than quality, price, customer service, and delivery policy is the factor that affects your purchasing decision.

    In addition, online shopping is also increasingly popular. And one of the most frequently asked questions when shopping is “Do I get free shipping?”. If the answer is yes, then you will no longer hesitate to buy immediately even though the delivery fee may have been added to the price of the product.
  • Promotion policy, winning prizes

    The promotion policy is also a significant contributing factor to the purchase decision. The promotion policy you can use here is to buy 1 get 1 free, discount…., or preferential policy for loyal customers.

    Besides, the winning policy is also being applied by many companies in some special events. It could be a winning scratch card, a winning lottery…
  • Return policy

    Return policy is one of the factors affecting online purchasing decisions in particular and purchasing decisions in general. Why is that?

    If you are just using your Toilet training seat with steps a short time from when you buy it, you find out that there are some problems with your product and it is not your fault, what you will do. In this case, a returning policy is really important because you can return the faulty products or at least exchange them for a new one with a refund.

    So offering such a return and exchange policy will make you believe that your products always ensure quality and are listed at an affordable price.
  • Customer care

    Have you ever thought about what to do while you are using Toilet training seat with steps and it has problems, what will you do? Fix it or buy a new one? And you need help. Yes, that’s exactly what you need for customer care. When buying a product, you should ask about the customer service, and how you can get support if your product has a problem.
  • Brand awareness

    Of course, when we want to have something of our own, we always want it to be well-recognized by its brand name.

    So whenever you browse on the Internet to find a product for your own, make sure you will look up with some really famous brand-like Growthpic, Epbamnez, Toylet, Gototop, Olagoya, Augtarlion, Wssrogy, Uming, R&t, Mayfair, Babybjörn. It will be a bit easier if you have a clear taste of the product you dream of and it will save much of your time and of course, you have no confusion about which brand is better for you

    Or in a brand awareness survey. When asked about the reason for choosing products and services of this brand instead of the other, the results were as follows: 82% of respondents chose a brand they are familiar with as their first choice, across a range of sectors.

    47% of respondents explained their choice of the brand because they have used the product or service of that brand in the past.
  • Warranty Policy

    For Toilet training seat with steps that are easily damaged during use, having an additional warranty policy also helps you feel more secure when buying from some stores. So, don't forget to ask for a reasonable warranty policy to make sure that you can use this Toilet training seat with steps longer.
  • Social proof

    In the context that consumers are losing faith in what businesses advertise about their products. Instead, today's consumers are more "sensitive" to social cues from those around them when making decisions.

    They often tend to find out information about products and services to make purchasing decisions based on opinions from people around them, have more knowledge and experience about that service or product (experts), celebrities, friends, previous users, expert endorsements, ..). And that is also the concept of the term social proof - "information spread effect".

    From that, you can totally search on websites about products and services that they are interested in before making a buying decision. Among them, 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, and 91% of consumers say they trust personal reviews and recommendations from random users on the Internet.
  • Product quality

    The most important factor affecting the purchase decision is the quality of the product. It accounts for 50% of consumer purchasing decisions.

    Therefore, when deciding to buy a product, you always need to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. The quality of the product is reflected in the product design, color, design, consumer tastes...
  • Product price

    Price is also one of the factors that have a significant influence on consumers' purchasing decisions. And it is obvious that, when a product has the same quality, you will definitely go with more competitive prices.

    Sometimes, customers think that a low price cannot come with good quality. But remember when businesses offer more competitive prices than competitors, revenue and profit may decrease, they still do it because they do not pay attention to the immediate benefits, when the price is competitive, the number of goods sold of the company will also increase significantly and from that revenue and profit. It will also be much better.

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