Toilet training potty, small toilet for babies is safe and convenient

  • 21 Jun 2022 07:53
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1. What is a baby potty?

The baby potty is a product to support babies in the first months of removing diapers and diapers. This is a necessary product to help parents practice the habit of going to the toilet by themselves, going to the right place, thereby helping the baby to be more self-aware and cleaner.

With more and more convenient designed potty for babies to go to the toilet, they will support parents to the maximum in taking care of and protecting their baby's health. A lovely potty with funny animal shapes like toys will make the baby more interested and help them get used to going to the toilet more easily.


2. Criteria for choosing toilet bowls for babies

Recently, choosing a potty for the baby is interesting for many parents because it helps parents a lot in practicing the habit of going to the right place, in the right place for their baby. However, to choose a suitable product for the baby, parents should refer to some of the following criteria for choosing a toilet bowl:

  • Safe material

Almost all types of baby potties are made of plastic, which is both durable and easy for parents to clean after use. However, not all types of plastic are good and safe. Parents should choose products that are made of ABS plastic or PP primary plastic, of clear origin, and do not contain toxic substances. Limit buying potty plants with unclear origins, brands, or with pungent, unpleasant odors. These are all products that are harmful to your baby's skin.

  • Size of potty

Currently, baby potty products are very diverse in both sizes and designs. Parents should consider and choose the right-sized potty that will make the baby feel more comfortable, the baby will go to the toilet easier and be more active. Mothers should choose a potty with a length ranging from 20cm to 35cm, which is both convenient to store and more comfortable for the baby to use.

  • The shape and color of the pot

The baby potty is designed in a variety of colors, very funny with the shape of lovely animals such as bears, rabbits, horses or the shapes of cars, slides... to bring your baby enjoyment. thereby helping parents train their children to go to the toilet more easily. Potties for babies are often designed with extra handles to support the baby to have the correct sitting posture, stability, and stability. 

  • Demand

Parents need to determine the need to use for their baby to avoid buying the wrong type of potty. Currently, potties are designed in a variety of ways, the most popular are sitting potties, standing potties, and toilet lids for babies. Potty sitting for both boys and girls, potty standing for boys only. A toilet lid is a product used to line the toilet when the baby is just starting to learn to use the adult toilet.

The baby toilet lid is smartly designed, and compact, and parents can install it on the toilet easily and fit the baby. As a result, the baby is more proactive when going to the toilet and does not need help from parents. Some popular types of baby toilet lids today are toilet lids with baby ladders, toilet lids with handles, etc.


3. Experience buying toilet bowls for babies

The baby potty is made from plastic, so it is quite simple and has few parts, which parents can easily carry when moving or traveling long distances.

Parents should choose a potty that is suitable for the weight and shape of the baby, not too big or too small because such a potty will cause discomfort, and may even injure the baby. If possible, parents let children choose their favorite potty that will create a more enjoyable feeling for the baby.


4. Note when using the potty for baby to learn to go to the toilet

The use of potty for babies must be known by many parents. However, to use the potty safely and effectively, parents should refer to some of the following notes.

  • After using, parents should clean the potty, do not let the potty get wet because it will create conditions for bacteria to grow and affect the baby's health.
  •  Parents, please put the baby's potty in places such as the bathroom, toilet, or in the baby's room so that the baby can go to the toilet most conveniently.
  • Parents monitor and adjust the baby's sitting position on the potty to avoid the case that the baby does not sit properly or drops the bottom too deeply, causing discomfort and unsafety for the baby.
Tips to practice potty training for babies :
  • Let your baby get used to the potty. Parents put the potty in the bathroom or in the baby's room for the baby to get used to. Besides, parents should take the time to show and tell the baby what the potty is for, show him how to sit on the potty, but leave the baby still wearing a diaper or pants.
  •  Parents should encourage the child, not force the child to use the potty, that will make the baby afraid and affect the child's psychology.
  •  If after about 2 weeks of parents' instructions, but the child still does not know how to call parents to take him to the toilet, it means that the baby is not ready, parents should wait a little longer before continuing to instruct the baby.
  • When the baby has practiced and is used to using the potty during the day, parents should limit wearing diapers for the baby when napping. When he wakes up, he is sad to go to the bathroom, he will suggest parents to support him. Not wearing a diaper at noon will also help your baby limit bedwetting at night.
Hope the above article gives you useful information and instructions on how to teach your baby to sit on the potty simply. This can be an important milestone in your baby's development, and mom will always accompany and support your baby to grow up every day!

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