The safest and most convenient car seat for babies to use

  • 20 Jun 2022 04:11
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Today, infant car seats have become a popular device, chosen by many families to ensure the safety of their children when traveling by car. Parents are often confused as to which chair is right for their child or how to use the product to maximize efficiency. All questions will be answered in the content below.


1. Types of popular infant car seats

Infant car seats are designed according to the age, weight, and height of the child. Parents can based on these parameters choose the most suitable product.

Baby car seats are divided into 3 types:

  • Specialized car seats for babies

This type of seat is designed to face back for children under 10kg (equivalent to children under 1-year-old).


Most of these seats use breathable, soft materials to create the most comfortable feeling for the baby but are still strong enough to protect the head. In addition, the chair can be integrated with other functions such as 360-degree rotation, installation stand, roof, ...

  •   Convertible car seats

This type of seat is used in both ways: rear-facing and forward-facing and are designed for babies weighing 18 - 27kg.


While still usable for infants, the convertible seat is quite large. Therefore, parents should consider using more seat belts at the shoulders, hips, and between the legs for a more secure fixation.

  •    3-in-1 multi-function seat

This type of seat can be rotated backward, forward, or used as a booster to position the belt. This means that an adult child can continue to use this sitting device.

However, its downside is that it does not have a convenient handle or removable base and is quite large. Therefore, parents need to carefully read the instructions for use to choose the right product for their baby.

2. Instructions on how to properly use the infant car seat

In addition to choosing the right type of chair, how to use the product is also a factor that parents need to pay attention to to best protect their children.

  • Choose where to place the baby car seat

According to recommendations in countries around the world, babies up to under 12 years old should sit with their back facing away when in a moving car. In some cases, parents can still install an infant car seat in the front passenger seat position but need to push it away from the dashboard. This will help protect your baby from injury in the event of a collision.

  • Use comfortable clothing for your child

Clothes that are too thick or bulky not only cause discomfort for the baby but also affect the protection of the seat. Therefore, parents should let their babies wear comfortable, light clothes to protect them.

  • Install a 45-degree tilting baby car seat

If the infant car seat stretches along the flat surface, the baby's body will easily slip out of the belt, and the head will be tilted forward a lot, making it difficult to breathe. Therefore, parents should install the chair at a 45-degree angle to create a comfortable and safe position for the infant.

  • Make sure your head is securely protected in your child's car seat

The shoulders, neck, and head of the newborn are very weak, so they need to be protected in the best way. Therefore, parents can use pads that are suitable for the seat and installed on both sides to prevent the baby's head from swaying when the car moves. Otherwise, only quality products should be used as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure optimal effectiveness.

  • Adjust the car seat belt to fit the child's body

The straps on the infant car seat need to be adjusted properly to keep the baby's body in place. Parents should place the belt at shoulder level or below the shoulder, combined with the latch attached to the position under the arm and the seat belt around the chest so that the belt does not slip off the baby's body.

In addition, the belt should be straight, not twisted, and tight enough (just put 2 fingers in the space between the belt and the child's collarbone) but still create a comfortable feeling for the baby when sitting in the car.
  • Roll a blanket around the car seat if your baby leans forward a lot

Newborns have a habit of leaning to one side of the chair, which affects the balance of the sitting position and affects the baby's body shape. To prevent this situation, parents should insert small rolls of blankets on both sides of the child's shoulders. Note, do not add blankets or cushions under the baby's bed, to ensure the safety function of the seat.

Keeping your baby safe when traveling in a car is essential to making the whole family's trip smoother. Therefore, parents should learn how to use and install a car seat for an infant to help prevent the level of risk in the event of an accident, to protect the baby in a comprehensive way.

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