The famous styles and combinations of Coach brand

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1. About Coach handbags:

Coach brand is a cult American brand, a luxury brand for fashionistas around the world. With a new idea called 'Modern Luxury' - 'modern luxury' aimed at young people.

In the context of the big fashion moguls competing fiercely, the fashion brand Coach is growing stronger and proving to everyone that Coach USA is a formidable name.

Recruiting the world's leading fashion experts, the Coach family always captures customer psychology extremely well, always giving customers a great shopping experience.

For women, handbags are of indispensable accessories when going out or going to a party to make themselves confident and beautiful in every daily activity. One of the familiar brands for girls is Coach handbags. Coach is a famous brand with designs specializing in high-end leather fashion and is one of the familiar choices of stars or fashionistas in the world. The following article will help you understand and discover more about Coach handbags.


2. Famous Coach bag styles

Coach handbags are not only guaranteed by quality but also offer many choices of styles for fashionistas.

  • Coach handbag with mussel shape:

This is one of the styles that women love and hunt for when coming to Coach. The outer shape is like a mussel, bulging at the bottom and gradually decreasing towards the mouth of the bag, creating a neat and feminine look. The bag is still handy when you need to carry some personal items when going out, suitable for parties or events or even in daily activities.

  • Coach mini handbag:

Although not a new design, Coach's mini bag is quite suitable for Asian women who like to choose for themselves convenient small bag sizes. Coach handbags always impress people at first sight with their simplicity, cuteness, and sophistication. They can help you become leaner and more active.

  • Coach bag empty shape:

The bag has the shape of its name. The bag has a rounded rectangle on both sides like a rice drum, creating a large interior area suitable for days when you have to carry a lot of things when leaving the house. You can comfortably wear an empty Coach bag when walking on the street or going to a cafe with friends.

  • Coach swagger bag:

This is considered one of Coach's best-selling items in recent times. The design of the bag mixes modern street style and American culture. This design can satisfy fashionistas in terms of aesthetics as weandutility of Coach handbags. The bag model is often used by girls when going to work or meeting partners, both ng their elegance, and nobility, as weandcate taste.

  •  Coach tote bag:

It is not surprising that the tote bag model makes it to the list of famous Coach handbags. This is considered the iconic Coach bag model from the 1960s. With a simple design that brings elegance to the girls and is convenient, the Coach tote bag is a peran excellentestion for the girls. She is busy, and always has to carry a lot of personal things with her. The bag has a large area that can be used when going to work or traveling.


3. Ways to coordinate with Coach bags

Each model, a style of bag from Coach is always 3 sizes for you to choose. With each model and different bag sizes, we have more different ways to coordinate.

- Coach bags are small in size, such as mini bags or size S bags, you can combine with feminine dresses, or a pair of jeans with a simple t-shirt. With this combination, it is possible to increase the youthful, dynamic and full of vitality.

- With mid-size Coach bags, you can combine them with flared or black dresses with high heels. This combination will create a more mature and luxurious feeling.

As for the large Coach bags that are often used by girls to go to work, they often combine with suits and simple shirts. The way to mix this outfit is simple, but it helps the girls become luxurious, attractive, creating impressions in the eyes of others.


4. How much do Coach handbags cost?


It is not by chance that Coach is called the 'bag queen' by beauty believers, the brand's products always receive the trust of the world's top stars, most of the brand's designs. All have modern, youthful and bold designs.

The brand always invests in the latest trends, always keeping up with the best designs and designs, plus high-quality materials, so the price of the product is also a question of many women.

A branded Coach handbag costs from 2 million VND - 10 million VND, the price will vary depending on the address, depending on the distribution, customers should choose for themselves the most prestigious address. 


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