Revealing how to choose and maintain beautiful wallets for women

  • 11 Jul 2022 04:55
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Tips on how to choose a beautiful women's wallet according to your body shape

Not only shoes, handbags are also one of the companions of women in daily life. In addition to the convenience, beautiful wallets for women also contribute to beautify and complete the overall outfit of women. The ways to choose beautiful wallets for women that suit your body shape below will help you feel more confident when wearing your favorite accessories.


1. Small figure

Women with small bodies should choose for themselves beautiful women's wallets with compact size, suitable for body height so that your overall outfit is more harmonious. Besides, the bright colors of the wallets will help deceive the eye, attracting the eyes to the wallet instead of your small body. Therefore, women with small bodies should pay attention to choose for themselves beautiful and outstanding women's wallets!

If you are petite, large purses will not suit you because it will unbalance your body proportions and make it harder to choose clothes that can make you attractive.

2. Tall figure

In contrast to girls with small stature, tall women will be suitable for large purses or handbags. Handbags with large sizes like clutch wallets are very popular. It is not difficult for tall women to coordinate themselves with a stylish and fashionable outfit with a large purse.

Small beautiful women's wallets will be overshadowed by your figure because of the disproportionate size to your body proportions, so absolutely do not choose the designs of women's wallets that are too small for you!

3. Chubby body

For girls with a chubby figure, a purse that is too big or too small is not an option for you. You should choose for yourself medium-sized handbags with striking patterns or stripes to avoid drawing attention to your body. Try combining a dark outfit to hide your body defects with a striking floral pattern wallet, this overall will help you feel more confident!

With the above notes on how to choose a women's wallet to suit your body shape above, I hope that women can choose for themselves lovely purses and always be confident when wearing their favorite accessories.

4. How to choose beautiful women's wallets from smart girls

For women, wallets are not only used to store money, but they also help them to style and express their personality. Do you know how to choose the best women's wallet? If not, don't miss our article below


The beautiful women's wallet market is extremely diverse with all different materials and designs, and if you don't equip yourself with tips and tricks, it's easy to get lost in the "matrix" when choosing. How to choose a wallet? Which material is good? Should we focus on quality or fashion? All your questions will be answered in full right here

  •  How to choose a beautiful wallet for women by material

The materials to form beautiful women's wallets are also very diverse from cowhide, goat skin, ostrich skin to crocodile skin, so it also causes many concerns for girls when they have to choose between them.

So that you don't have to wonder about choosing a wallet material, we will review some typical materials:
  • Women's wallets made from snake skin, lizard skin: 

Many women still find it strange, but many women are familiar with these two materials. The two outstanding features of this snake-skin material line are that it is light and cool to hold and very luxurious at the same time.

  • Women's cowhide wallet:

The material is too popular with many girls and is also the material chosen by most of them, their outstanding advantages are very durable, sturdy and have a variety of designs.

  • Premium crocodile skin wallet:

High-quality, luxurious material has no disadvantages but the price is a bit expensive for most people. If you want to buy a normal crocodile skin wallet, the amount of money spent is not less than 1 million.

In addition to genuine leather material, on the market today, it is quite popular with simili material (imitation leather) with the advantage of extremely low cost and quite similar in appearance to leather. With an amount of less than 100 thousand, you can immediately own a wallet with an eye-catching appearance. However, imitation leather wallets have a very short lifespan and degrade quickly, they will become ugly after a period of use.

5. How to choose women's wallets by color

In addition to factors based on interests, girls also need to consider feng shui factors to choose a wallet that matches their destiny.

  • Black (Water element): Contrary to the thought that black is gloomy, in fact, a black wallet symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
  • Blue color (Water element): Symbolizes money like flowing water, so it is often thought that a blue wallet will be difficult to help the owner accumulate and get rich.
  • Brown (Earth element): A beautiful wallet for women in brown color will save its owner money.
  • Pink (Fire element): Pink is suitable for women who are looking for their other half as it promotes good luck in love and relationships.
  • Green (Wood element): Represents growth and life.
  • Yellow (Metal element): The usual pale yellow color attracts money. The gold wallet has a very good cash flow but also a lot of money outflow.
With the above notes on how to choose a women's wallet to suit your body shape above, I hope that women can choose for themselves lovely purses and always be confident when wearing their favorite accessories.

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