Professional quality hair clippers, advantages and disadvantages

  • 11 Jul 2022 05:05
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What is a hair clipper?

A hair clipper, also known as a trimmer, is a specialized, modern device used to cut hair. We can easily find trimmers in barber shops or families to actively cut hair for children.


The most popular types of hair clippers today

Currently, on, the market, there are 2 main types of hair clippers as follows:

     1.  Cordless hair clipper

The first is a cordless hair clipper, this is a trimmer that relies on a battery mounted on the machine, which can be a removable battery or a rechargeable battery. This type of cordless trimmer is divided into 2 types: adult hair trimmer and baby hair trimmer. The type of baby baby-actually has a rather compact design, and low noise, so it is often chosen by many families to actively cut their baby's hair.

  • Advantages

Thanks to the following outstanding advantages, the number of customers choosing cordless hair clippers is increasing day by day.

  - The machine weight is quite light, only about 400 grams, compact design, and easy to hold, so it is extremely flexible to use.

- Most cordless trimmers today are equipped with effective anti-noise and anti-vibration technology. Therefore, it is very suitable to use the baby's haircut, helping the baby feel comfortable when using it.
It- Compact and convenient, so it can be carried in your baby's luggage on long trips.
- The price is quite cheap, suitable for the economic conditions of most users today.

  • Defect

​​​​​​​Any product has 2 advantages and disadvantages in parallel, a cordless trimmer is no exception, here are some notable disadvantages:
– Due to the device using batteries, it is limited to use for a certain time.
– Battery capacity over time will be significantly reduced due to battery bottles.
– The battery must be fully charged before use to avoid running out of battery halfway.

   2. Hair clipper with cord

Hair clipper with cord
Wired hair clippers are products that are designed to use direct power to operate. Equipment power usually falls in the range of 18W - 22W. Usually, this type of trimmer is commonly used in salons and barber shops

  • Advantages

Here are some advantages of corded hair clippers:
- The trimmer here can operate stably and smoothly without worrying about running out of battery, low battery

- Strong cutting performance, so it can be applied to all different types of short, long, hard or soft hair.

- No need to worry about forgetting to charge before use.

  • Defect

Besides the above advantages, hair clippers also have some disadvantages as follows:
– The noise is louder than the battery-powered type, so it is often difficult to use to cut children's hair. Because of the sound and strong vibration, it is easy for the baby to startle and cry.
– The device always depends on the power source for use.
– Due to the power cord, it will be limited to a certain space.


Take a look at some of the top-rated hair clipper brands today

To reduce the time in choosing and still help you choose to buy a good, safe trimmer for your family, especially when choosing a baby hair trimmer. Websosanh will introduce some of the following highly-rated brands:

- Philips hair trimmer

- Condos hair trimmer

- Kemei hair clippers

- Flyco hair clippers

Above is all the detailed information, the most specific about what is a hair clipper? Classification and advantages and disadvantages of each type that we synthesize. Hopefully, this will help you quickly choose a suitable product for your family to use, especially for your child member.






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