Our Team

We are an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that initiates, promotes and supports strategies to prevent cat and dog overpopulation.

Dee Doherty-Strelecki

Founder and current President who unexpectedly found The Turning Point in her life in April 2010. A former teacher and management development consultant, Dee now shares the vision of the harnesslife.org team by conducting workshops and giving presentations to a wide variety of groups. She also designs and creates most of the graphics used to convey harnesslife.org messages on the website and social media.

Paul Strelecki

More than 35 years of design engineering experience has prepared Paul for his role at harnesslife.org as "person who makes things magically happen" at the home office and during fundraising and educational outreach events. He does some of his best inventive thinking while relaxing in the RV on long weekends.

Madeline Sunga

Madeline comes to harnesslife.org after a career in the legal publishing/information industry. She is a lifelong animal lover and lives with her husband José, two dogs and four cats in Clinton, NJ. You can read Madeline’s blog on animal law related topics here, beginning in 2018.

Bill Woodall

With a lifetime commitment of enjoying other people's pets (due to allergies), Bill brings the useful perspective of the non-owner to the table. As a technologist, educator and photographer he hopes to bring multiple channels to bear on the problem of pet overpopulation.


As one of the founding members of harnesslife.org, Lola has more than six years of experience in her role as Senior Spokespup. Lola hails from West Virginia and was rescued by S&L Animal Rescue in April 2010. Her constantly wagging tail, sweet disposition and AKC Canine Good Citizen certification make her perfect for the job!


Alvin joined the harnesslife.org team in August 2014 after winning a two-week battle with parvo. He originally lived in a Northern NJ municipality, where he was severely neglected. Luckily he was rescued by Second Chance Pet Adoption League and came to us as a "foster" pup. He is enjoying life in the country and continues to grow and learn in his role as Junior Spokespup.