Instructions on how to use essential oil humidifiers effectively

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An essential oil diffuser helps to humidify and maintain humidity, and at the same time disperses essential oils into the air to bring many health benefits to everyone.

Benefits of using an essential oil humidifier:

  • Helps sleep better and deeper.
  • Relieve colds and flu.
  • Clean the air, and remove some bacteria and viruses that cause disease.
  • Respiratory system support.
  • Reduce fatigue and stress.
  • Reduce insects, and effectively repel mosquitoes.
  • Pain relief.
  • Effective deodorizer.
  • Diffuse essential oils faster and stronger.

Instructions for using an essential oil diffuser to create an effective humidifier

Step 1: Remove the screw to open the lid

Each nebulizer has a screw plug between the body and the lid. Unscrew the screw counter-clockwise to open the cover.

Step 2: Put water and essential oils in the container one by one

Pour a sufficient amount of clean water into the tank. The amount of water should be above the minimum (MIN) and below the maximum (MAX) marked by the manufacturer in the tank. Add about 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Note: It is recommended to use warm water instead of cold water to shorten the warm-up time and increase the efficiency of essential oil diffusion.

Step 3: Plug in the power and turn on the switch for the machine to work

Step 4: Select other features

You can customize the modes according to your needs for the best effect: diffusion mode, timer mode, automatic on and off,...


2. Some notes when using an essential oil humidifier

Prioritize choosing pure natural essential oils

It is recommended to use pure essential oils that are good for health instead of cheap, low-quality aromatherapy and essential oils. Essential oils of poor quality, floating will adversely affect users such as allergies, affect the respiratory system, ....


Use the right amount of water for the type of essential oil and the capacity of the container

Depending on the capacity of the container and the type of essential oil you use, add water accordingly. Do not put more or less than the standard amount of water of the tank because this will reduce the life and damage the machine.

Place the device on a flat surface and open space

Do not place the humidifier on top of other items to avoid blocking the air vents below the machine, preventing the machine from pushing the vapor up. So you should put the device on a flat, ventilated surface for the best operation.

Avoid using the essential oil diffuser near a fan or in front of a fan. Because the wind from the fan will cause the mist to be dispersed unevenly, the aroma of the essential oil will not be felt, the fan is too strong, causing the essential oil to disperse quickly, causing waste.

Check the power supply before using the machine

When the power cord is plugged into the machine, the machine will beep 1 beep signal that the power is off. If the machine does not sound, it is possible that the power cord is damaged, or you have not turned on the power.


Do not open the lid while the machine is operating

When the machine is operating, absolutely do not open the lid to avoid water flying out, wetting objects next to it or flying into the vent, causing a circuit fire inside the machine.

Do not disassemble and repair the machine yourself

Arbitrarily disassembling the machine will cause broken, broken, broken screws inside. Therefore, when the machine has any problem, the customer should not repair it by himself, but take it to the store or the warranty center for detailed inspection.

Clean the machine after each use

When you want to use a new essential oil that is different from the one you're using, you should clean the container and steaming plate to avoid the smell of essential oils. In addition, it is recommended to clean the machine once every 2 weeks to make it more durable, better diffusing ability.

Note: When cleaning the machine, do not let water flow into the inside of the machine, which will cause circuit damage and fire.

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