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With the aim of saving you time and effort in finding the Foot massage bathtub on the market, our's team of experts has gathered, tested, and evaluated the best products. We have ranked 16 Foot massage bathtub of 2022. Find out some well-known brands such as Giantex, Lecaung, Acevivi, Niksa, Ovitus, Likein, Wesoky, Sihanm, Costway, Zircon, Aw, Misiki.

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  • Automatic rotary foot stone soothes your heel by removing hard, callused skin; Timer can be set from 10 to 60 minutes for a timed massage
  • Pebble and maize rollers massage pressure points on your feet for a relaxing experience
  • Multi-mode foot spa features a wide variety of massing functions to help you relax after a long day
  • [Bubble,Vibration&Red Light] We design this home foot spa with a variety of special functions including bubbles, heat, rollers, red light and vibration for better upgrading massage experience. Placing spa materials inside the small box to pamper your feet and shape them to perfection with the included foot stone.
  • [Health First] Niksa is about bringing a convenient healthy home environment for every family. 24/7 customer service promises solving your problem as quick as possible.
  • [Relaxing Massage Action] This pedicure foot spa massager is equipped with 4 removable non-motorized rollers dotted with acu-notes for deep massage. There are 2 bubble strips and raised nodes for extra massaging action.
  • [3 Different Massagers]--Ovitus foot spa bath massager has multiple massage rollers that would work the muscles in feet:4 corn rollers,20 massage balls,1 rotating pumice stone. The massage function of the foot bath can be set to three modes: continuous or short pause and long pause to meet your needs. Motorized foot spa massager rubs your sore feet. Add a little essential oil and Epsom salt, perfect!
  • [Pedicure Foot Stone&Timing Function]--The dead skin is easy to remove after being soaked in the home pedicure foot spa. The foot spa bath helps with building up the skin on the bottom of our feet and helps us keep our aging feet in a better condition. The massage spa time can be set to 10~60 minutes,30 minutes is recommended to provide a better foot massage experience. You can enjoy a happy foot bath spa tub while reading a book or watching TV.
  • [Rapid Heating and Temperature Control]--Ovitus foot spa bath massage is equipped with a PTC heater, which heats up much more quickly than a few others. It reaches the temperature you set in 10-15 minutes and keeps the water at a comfortable temperature. The foot spa can easily control the temperature (95°F~118°F/35°C~48°C), with an automatic heating system, automatic constant temperature function, which can relieve fatigue, promote water circulation, also enhance the foot bath experience.
  • 【Built-in Medicine Box and Humanized Design】The medicine box in the pedicure foot spa massager automatic can enhance the effect of foot bath when putting in herbs or sea salt. The removable massage surface contains 2 rollers and 4 360° rotating massage balls. There are many acupuncture points on the feet. Accurate roller massage and acupressure can reduce the fatigue of feet and legs.
  • 【Timer and Temperature Control】Digital display with indicator light help track the working settings of the foot massager machine spa. 7 clearly marked buttons can control all functions. Set the temperature(95℉~118℉) and time (10-60 min) you want and fountain shower switch.
  • 【Relax Body and Relieve Fatigue】Likein deep foot massager spa integrates fast heating, fountain shower, roller massage, red light therapy, temperature control and timer functions to relax your feet by Rollers massaging and shiatsu massage, soothing your tired overworked feet, improve metabolism and sleep quality. Large size: 20.08"(L) x 15.94"(W) x 15.16 "(H), leave more space for your feet and make the foot bath more comfortable.
  • 【Fast Heating & Intelligent Temperature Control】The foot bath has fast heating and intelligent temperature control function, offering you a warming foot spa in the shortest time. The large, clear LED control panel features easy operation, adjust water temperature (35℃-48℃) and enable thermostatic heat.
  • 【Rotatable Pedicure Stone】A rotatable foot stone is attached at the bottom of the tub for pedicure and exfoliation, without the trouble of dead and chapped skin. It’s a great way to smooth your feet and heel, along with the spa feet massage to better improve your skin appearance, keeping it fresh and smooth.
  • 【Bubbles with Red Lights】Designed with bubbles function to provide oxygen bubbles during the hot foot bath spa. During the bubble massage, the blood circulation in the soles of the feet is stimulated, comfortably pampering your feet, further effectively relaxing tension and stress. Additional red lights can clean the soles and promote cell regeneration, keeping them clean.
  • 【Adjustable Angles Shower & Small Box】: Adjustable angles showers can flush water from the calf to the ankle,which will relax stiff and sore calf muscles,relieve fatigue. In addition, placing spa materials such as sea salt or herbs inside the small box to enhance the foot bath effect.
  • 【Multifunctional】 The pedicure foot spa provides a variety of ways to relieve pain and discomfort in various parts of the foot, including rapid heating, roller massage, fountain shower, red light, temperature control and timer functions.【After-sale service】SIHANM has an excellent after-sales service team,please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will do our best to help you solve the problems you encounter. We hope to bring you the best shopping experience.
  • 【Relaxing Massage】: This massage foot spa surface has 2 rolling wheel sticks and 4 360° rotating balls, which give deep massages by stimulating acupuncture points on your soles and dredge meridians to improve metabolism and sleep. ​Its detachable design is easy to replace and clean, which is a great gift for mother!
  • 【Great Gift】Enhance sleep quality and soothe weary feet, to make all the tension from the day melt away. This foot bath massager with heat and massage comfortably fits up to a Men's foot size US-14. Ideal for personal use and as a gift for family members or friends
  • 【Powerful Bubble Jets & Motorized Pumice Stone】Raise foot pampering experience up a notch by jacuzzi-like bubbles, along with the desired spa materials like sea salt, tea tree oil for deeper relaxing. Attached with a motorized pumice stone for helping slough off calluses and corns, rejuvenate foot skin
  • 【Fully Automatic Massage】Two-kind of electric foot massage rollers(up-down shiatsu and maize rollers), 3 massage modes in a different frequency, along with extra 75 massage nodes, providing a luxury foot spa massage and relieving tension & fatigue effectively
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How can I check the quality of a Foot massage bathtub before buying it?

One of the most important factors to consider when acquiring the Foot massage bathtub is quality. You may believe that price has no bearing on quality, but you are mistaken.

If you buy a high-priced item and it promptly breaks, your money would be better spent elsewhere. As a consequence, before purchasing anything, understand what constitutes outstanding quality.

How can you tell if a product is of high quality or not? Checking internet reviews or contacting friends who have already used similar things are two choices.

Another option is to look at customer reviews or other sites where customers rate products they've received. The critical aspect of this strategy is that many people will express their feelings about their experience with this product.

When purchasing the Foot massage bathtub, seek for a renowned brand's goods

The easiest way to find the Foot massage bathtub is to look for a product from a well-known brand. It will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck and that you are not wasting your money on things that don't work or aren't excellent enough to warrant your investment.

These manufacturers have a lengthy history of adopting higher quality and safety requirements. There's a good chance you won't find a better option than one on this list.

Product categories are intended to remind customers of the components utilized in their production, produced materials, and any possible risks connected with their usage. These categories will also notify you whether or not the company has acquired any certificates.

Check out other users' comments before purchasing the Foot massage bathtub

Before buying anything, it is critical to understand its benefits and drawbacks. Many consumers have tested the Foot massage bathtub, so you'll know what to expect if you buy this product. It will assist you in assuring that your criteria are satisfied.

Purchasing anything without first gathering knowledge or conducting an analysis can lead to disappointment, buyer's remorse, and excessive spending for something that does not fit your needs.

Considerations for price and quality

Purchasing the Foot massage bathtub might be intimidating. The first test confirms that you are receiving a good deal. It entails comparing product prices and ratings across many websites to see which offers better value for money or is less expensive but of inferior quality.

We'll examine the prices and quality of a variety of things. Price, durability, and efficiency are all factors that may influence your purchase decision.

Because of technology improvements, it is now easy to estimate costs and quality before purchasing. Where you shop will have an impact on what you buy. You should be sure that you are getting a fair value and a long-lasting product.

Check the warranty before purchasing the Foot massage bathtub

When purchasing an item, it is critical to look into the warranty. If your product has a problem, you may fix it without paying a fortune. If something goes wrong, you may either get your money returned fast or have the item fixed under warranty.

Many warranties are available for the Foot massage bathtub to help buyers understand what they're getting before buying. Some businesses provide lifetime warranties on specific goods, while others only cover them for a short time.

Always keep an eye on the product's performance

It might be challenging to find high-quality things worth your money at times. When there are so many options on the market, it's challenging to know what you're getting into.

Examining a product's performance is the best way to ensure you're getting the correct product for your needs.

Your product must be resilient and reliable if you want it to last an extended period. Check the durability and performance of the product before purchasing to discover how long it will last.

Final Words

It's a good idea to know what you're getting before you buy. This is especially crucial when buying the Foot massage bathtub online, where it might be challenging to check product quality.

Please look for evaluations from other customers on the internet, and if they have a profile on the site, you can even ask them for advice on their pleasure with that exact item.


1. Isn’t It Safer To Just Go To The Spa?

The expense of mosting likely to the health club often can add up quickly, and while it can be an exceptional way to treat yourself, obtaining a pedicure or foot treatment at a health facility comes with risks. Medical spas are supposed to abide by strict hygienic guidelines, yet eventually, you don't have control over just how sanitary their methods really are. With an at-home foot health facility, you do have control. You understand if it's been cleaned up as well as can take aggressive steps to sufficiently disinfect it between uses.

2. Who Should Not Be Using A Foot Spa?

It's suggested that those coping with diabetic issues avoid using foot health facilities. Any person with open or healing sores on their feet must also avoid soaking their feet in a foot bathroom. Additionally, expecting people ought to avoid making use of foot health spas. This checklist is not exhaustive; contact your doctor if you're at all concerned regarding whether utilizing a foot day spa is risk-free for you.

3. How Should I Clean My Foot Spa?

You need to clear the water as well as extensively clean and disinfect your foot health spa with soap and disinfectant after every usage. Don't avoid a cleansing-- especially if greater than a single person makes use of the medical spa.

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