Fix A Feral For $5 – A Shuttle Alternative

Our last regular monthly TNR Shuttle to and from the People For Animals clinic in Robbinsville, NJ was March 16, 2020 and we know there are lots of community cats needing our help. PFA is now operating at full surgical capacity, however, they will not be providing any shuttles for the foreseeable future. So, we’ve developed an alternative to allow trappers to continue with their work in Hunterdon County until the shuttles begin again.

This program will provide a $50 reimbursement for each cat that is spayed or neutered as part of a PFA TNR surgical package. As with the shuttle, there will be a 30 cat limit each month. For now, we ask that each trapper start with a minimum of five cats.

NOTE: This program will be ending in early October 2020. All requests and accompanying copies of invoices must be submitted (and acknowledged) by Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

Here’s what each trapper must do in order to participate:

  • Contact us at to let us know you’re planning to trap and would like to apply for this subsidy. Please include your name and mailing address, the town where you’ll be trapping and the number of cats that you’re wanting to trap.
  • Once we respond to confirm, call the People For Animals Clinic at 609-208-3252 to make a block of appointments for your group of cats. (You can make the appointment that’s convenient to your schedule!)
  • PFA will email the surgical consent form directly to you; please sign and bring it with you to the clinic.
  • By 3 pm the day before your appointment, you need to provide PFA with the names/IDs of each cat that you’re bringing. You must also tell PFA about any additional services that you are requesting, by cat name/ID. Please refer to the list of services below.
  • Trappers must transport their cats to and from the clinic at 1 Sharon Road, Robbinsville, NJ and pay at drop off by calling 609-208-3252 from the parking lot and using a credit card.
  • Then, all cats in traps should be placed in the foyer between the glass doors; the person placing the cats in the foyer must be wearing a mask and not have had any covid exposure.
  • Once you pick up your cats, please send us a copy of your invoice. You can scan and email, take cell phone pics – whatever works best for you.
  • Then, we’ll write a harnesslife check for the subsidy amount and mail it to you at the address you’ve provided.
  • +$7 Microchip – Feral (includes registration)
  • +$5 Microchip Insert Fee (if you provide your own microchip)
  • +$22 RevolutionĀ® Flea & Tick Treatment
  • +$ (based on weight) Convenia – injection
  • +$30 Feline Leukemia/FIV Test (adoptables only)

Please email with any questions about the process for participating in this special initiative. Thanks!