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  • 21 Jun 2022 05:49
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1. The role of cribs for young children

When babies are born, their resistance is very weak, so how to choose a baby crib is a matter of top concern to parents.

Psychology of many Vietnamese parents is always afraid to let their children sleep separately because they are afraid that their children will be lonely and will not be able to handle any problems in time.

However, for the baby to be independent at an early age, parents should let the baby sleep separately from an early age. The problem of diapers, the baby going to the toilet, feeding the baby, the mother can take the initiative to handle it, not necessarily letting the baby sleep with him.

Letting your baby sleep separately in a baby crib not only gives them a comfortable and private sleeping space but also teaches them the habit of being independent.

Besides, the body temperature of children is different from that of adults. The blanket is too thick for the baby while sleeping will make it difficult for the baby to breathe, sweat, and seep back into the body causing fever. Babies should sleep separately to ensure health and safety and avoid thick blankets covering their faces while sleeping.


2. Experience in choosing the right baby crib for your baby

  • Choose the material to make a baby crib

The first thing that mothers have to find out is the material to make the bed for the baby. Most baby cots are made of wood. Some export baby cribs can be made from other materials such as plastic or fabric with iron frames, and super light crib models.

Wooden baby cribs are also rich in types such as rubber, cinnamon, beech, pine, and peach,... We recommend choosing a wooden baby cot because wood is a natural material. , has a long-term use value, along with a luxurious appearance is also an advantage for this type of crib.

One point to note when choosing a wooden crib is that the mother must ensure that the surface of the crib is smooth, and without scratches; The paint on the wooden surface must also be safe for children, without causing skin irritation, or unpleasant odors.

  • Baby crib size

Size is also an important factor when choosing a crib for your baby. For newborn babies, parents should not choose a crib that is too big. However, if mothers want to use it for a long time until the baby rolls or crawls, they can choose a larger crib.

In addition, parents should pay attention to the distance between the bars. The right distance so that the baby does not get his hands and feet clamped if he accidentally puts his hands in it, the hinges and screws must be recessed and completely separated so that the baby cannot reach.

For cheap apartments and apartments that have a fairly small area, you should choose a crib model with a moderate size such as 60 x 100 cm or 70 x 100 cm is suitable.

With moderate spaces, you should choose a crib with medium size of 80x120cm. If you feel uncomfortable for your baby to use, you can use larger crib sizes.

For large spaces, a multi-function export crib or 2-in-1 baby crib with a large size is a perfect choice.

  • Baby crib design

Besides choosing the size and material of the baby crib, the design of the crib should also be chosen appropriately.

In terms of design, the baby cot now has many smarter improvements, bringing the most convenience to the baby. In addition to the simple, compact, and foldable design, some manufacturers have made a few improvements such as designing a smart intermediate step to be able to raise and lower the crib at will to suit the needs of the baby's age. Both make sure to get your baby out of the crib easily and prevent your baby from climbing and falling out of the crib when he's a little older.

You can choose a crib that can be fitted with wheels to move around the house, creating a sense of excitement for your baby.


3. What accessories should I buy a baby crib with?

Parents should buy a few extra accessories according to the crib to create a sense of excitement and comfort for the baby. The baby's sleeping accessories chosen also need to be reconciled with the baby's safety. The crib mattress, sheet, curtain, and crib .. all need to be carefully selected to minimize the collision between the baby's delicate skin and the crib.


4. Instructions for safe use of baby cribs for babies

Once you have chosen a suitable crib model for your baby, you should learn more about how to use a baby crib, baby safety comes first. The placement of the crib is reasonable, what type of mattress to buy, and how high it is to be safe for the baby are something that mothers should pay attention to.

  • Choose a reasonable crib placement

Place the baby's crib far enough away from windows, ventilation doors, air conditioners, heaters, etc., so that the baby is not subjected to direct hot and cold winds.

Do not place your baby's crib near objects that your baby can cling to and climb out of.

  • Choose the right mattress

Choosing the right mattress for your baby is an important thing that parents must pay attention to. For young children, the spine is not yet fully developed, and the mattress material is too hard or too soft, which will adversely affect the child's development. The most popular and most suitable mattress material is pressed cotton.

The current popular thicknesses are 5cm, 9cm, 15cm, and 18cm. Cribs for young children are designed mostly with the height of the blankets so that the baby cannot climb out. If you choose too high a mattress, it will affect the safe size of the crib. And if it is too low, it is not guaranteed to keep the child's heat.

According to the share of parents who have small children, choosing a mattress with a thickness of about 9 cm is reasonable.

  • Make sure your baby's crib is always clean

Children often have low resistance, so mothers should always keep the baby's crib clean. Also, don't put too many toys in the crib as it can be dangerous for the baby. Otherwise, babies can stand on them to climb out.

  • Adjust the height of the crib to suit your baby

Most baby cribs on the market today are the right size and height, and multi-function crib models can be adjusted to the height of the crib. Depending on the age and height of your baby, choose the crib with the appropriate height.


5. Rules when using a baby crib

Check the safety of the crib: The distance between the bars should not be too large, causing the baby to get stuck in his arms and legs. The mattress is sewn according to technical standards, and synchronized with the crib. Strong lock, maximum safety for baby

Do not leave stuffed animals and unnecessary items around the infant's sleeping area: This is extremely important, avoiding the field of objects that can accidentally cover the baby's face, causing the baby to suffocate.

Pay attention to the placement of the crib: Choose a safe, cool, and controlled crib location so that parents can better observe and watch their baby.

Know when to let your baby out of the crib: Parents need to watch their baby's motor and physical skills development to know when it's time to let their baby say goodbye to the crib

Hopefully after reading this article, parents will choose a suitable and safe crib for their baby! 

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