Children's toy car model is suitable for children from 1-2 years old

  • 20 Jun 2022 05:50
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Children's toy cars for children from 1-2 years old not only help them have a sport suitable for their age but can also promote children's ability to learn, explore and play. Think about your surroundings. Children can be independent to play with toy cars, parents only need to monitor and observe to watch that the children play safely.

Here are the toy car models for babies from 1-2 years old you can refer to choose for your baby:

1. Baby swing for 1-2 years old

The rocking car is a vehicle designed to support balance for babies thanks to four solid wheels. The two front wheels are fitted closely together and can be rotated back and forth for the baby to adjust the direction when moving. The use of this car is very simple, children need to use their feet to push the car away and use their hands to shake the steering wheel to move in any direction they want.


This type of children's toy car is made from very durable high-quality plastic, but the price of the shakers is quite cheap. This is a simple yet useful, safe, and healthy toy for children to play with every day. Children who are more active and industrious will also stimulate their digestive system to help them eat better at every meal as well as dispel worries for parents about anorexia in young children.

The design of the baby swing is quite low, the wheels are small, so the speed at which the baby can move is relatively moderate, thereby always ensuring the safety of the baby to play with this useful vehicle.


2. Baby stroller

This type of toy car for children is very suitable for exercise to enhance health for children aged 1.5 - 2 years old. Most of the children at this age have the less physical strength and strength than those of older age, walking and standing with them was very difficult because their legs were still quite weak, so it was difficult to keep the balance on the bicycles. Traditional children are very difficult for this age. Therefore, the pedestal car is an entertainment and exercise toy that is very suitable for children.

The baby stroller is designed with 4 wheels to support the baby to keep balance, this type of car baby can sit on and when used, it will help your baby improve fine motor skills, strengthen health, and increase good resistance. … Children only need to use their feet to move the car and their hands to control the direction. For children of toddler age or older, the best choice for them is a stroller.

3. Type of 3-wheeled bicycle for children aged 1-2

By the time babies are about a year old, they've become proficient in using their feet to walk or run. At this point, children can already use their feet to do more difficult things like being able to ride a bike, for example. With a 3-wheel bicycle designed to help children keep balance, they only use foot force to pedal and control handlebars to move the bike.

Children's 3-wheel bicycles are like many other children's toy vehicles that help children increase their physical mobility and practice cycling from an early age. If your baby can already use the pedals flexibly, playing with traditional children's bicycles will help them develop faster. This car is also made from high-quality materials and is extremely environmentally friendly, so parents can rest assured about the health of their baby when playing with this car.

4. Electric cars give kids a sense of adventure and speed

For kids who love modern technology and eye-catching supercars. Then parents can choose the type of electric car for children. This toy car line for children is often very diverse in color and design. From Audi and Lamborghini supercars to funny Coopers and even strong off-road Jeeps, all are simulated with very cute and interesting child versions for children.

Most children's electric cars today are designed with a remote control so that parents can support their children to control the car easily. Accordingly, children need to sit inside the car, fasten the seat belt and enjoy the exciting feeling of adventure and speed.
Moreover, these children's toy cars often have a long time of use, allowing children to play from 1 year old until they turn 5 or 7 years old if they still need to play and still have fun. good use. This will be an extremely useful toy and suitable for children with a passion for speed.

5. Electric motorcycles - sporty children's toy cars for babies

There are a lot of electric motorcycles on the market for children from all cute models to bold sports cars so that parents can freely choose the model that suits their preferences. the youngest. Children from 2 years old can already ride on these toy motorbikes running around the house.

Electric cars for babies are one of the entertainment toy cars that children love very much. Not only that, but this toy also helps children be more sensitive to speed and increase their thinking in handling situations when participating in traffic. Helping children go out to play with the car also helps them discover the world around them, and can learn new things, thereby contributing to supporting children's intellectual development as well as movement for physical development.

6. Balance bike – safe children's toy car for babies

The balance bike is also a means to help children practice the bike from a young age. Another point of the balance bike with the above vehicles is that when playing, the child has to balance the bike by himself. To be able to play with this vehicle, it is imperative that children not only use their hands to navigate, use their feet to push the car away, but also always make sure that the car does not tilt or lose balance.

In the models of children's toy cars for the age of 1-2 years, this type of car can be considered as difficult to use and requires the oldest children. Keeping the balance can be very difficult at first, but parents can rest assured because the children will handle it and soon adapt to be able to play with the balance bikes.
This car will often have additional protective accessories such as helmets, gloves, knee bands, elbow bands, etc. In addition, the car is also equipped with brake brakes to support children when playing safely and happily. looks as good as possible.
The above are suggestions for children's toy cars for babies from 1-2 years old that we provide, hopefully helping parents in choosing toy cars for babies more easily.

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