Anti-spill, stretchy diaper bag for babies safe, soft and dry

  • 20 Jun 2022 06:54
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1. What are diapers?

  • Sticky diapers are like a small pair of pants for your baby to wear
  • Soft structure, snug fit, no worries about spilling.
  • Fits snug, not too tight.
  • The superior three-dimensional shape wraps around the body according to the baby's skeletal structure.
  • Protects against spills from the back thanks to the "Elastic-Fit" that hugs the baby's back.
  • A soft "flexible elastic waistband" fits the baby's thighs.
  • The cotton core is twice as absorbent, eliminating the worry of spills!

2. Advantages of baby diapers

  •  Outstanding moisture absorption and anti-spill ability Because in this stage, babies often go to the toilet about 20 times a day, so the use of pads is no longer effective, so manufacturers design diapers There are more absorbent and moisture-wicking grooves with advanced technology

From there, it helps your baby stay dry and completely spill quickly even when he goes to the toilet many times or exercises vigorously

  • Longer diaper usage time than newborn pads

Normally, you have to change a new pad for your baby after only 2 hours of use
But with adhesive diapers, mothers will rest assured for their babies to play because the diaper change time is from 6-7 hours. Even with high-end adhesive diapers with a time of up to 12 hours, it is convenient to wear night diapers for babies

  •  Save cost for long-term use

Many mothers think that: "The lower the cost of each pack of newborn pads, the more economical it is"
However, the number of pads to use during the day is very large. Therefore, in total, using pads when the baby is more than a month old is much more expensive than using diapers
In addition, adhesive diapers are much cheaper than pants diapers, saving you money for the whole family

  • The size of the diaper patch is very compact

When folded, the diaper is compact, only about 5-7 cm, convenient for you to carry out for your baby

  • Easy to adjust the width

Adhesive diapers have two pieces of glue on the side to help you easily adjust the width to fit your baby's body

  • The design of the taped diaper makes it very hygienic to put on / change diapers

Normally when changing diapers, the baby's waste can stick to the sides of the baby's legs, causing discomfort and unhygienic, but with the baby diapers only dirty on the back of the baby's legs, it is still very clean and helps you quickly. Clean and change diapers for your baby

  • More ventilation than pants diapers when using diapers for babies

Baby's skin is easily exposed to the air without being wrapped much, so it helps the baby to be more comfortable and cool

3. Disadvantages of current diapers

Of course, adhesive diapers also have some disadvantages during use:

  • Firstly, the glued diapers, when used for about 1 hour, have a low ability to fix, when the baby moves a lot, the glue on both sides may fall off, not as good as anti-spill like diapers.
  • Second, when changing diapers, you definitely have to put your baby down, but with hyperactive, constantly stirring children, it is difficult to change diapers firmly and properly right from the first time. Be patient because everyone is like that at first

4, How to use newborn diapers properly?

On the packaging of most diapers, there are instructions for changing an infant's diaper, so simply following the manufacturer's instructions is to ensure the correct diapering for your baby.
Each instruction can be a little different, but simply follow a few steps as follows: 
-Take out the old diaper  Parents just need to remove the two glue lines on the side, gently lift the baby's legs to remove the dirty diaper

-Clean and wipe the baby's body with a warm towel, use a little diaper rash powder baby's groin

-Put a new diaper under your baby's bottom, pull up the inner walls to prevent spills, the bottom flap of the diaper is pulled up to almost the baby's navel, and glue the hips together and make sure adjustments
It's done

Thank you for reading it all! Finally, I wish your baby to be healthy and grow well

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