Finding A Way Forward

I can’t explain why I’m choosing to write this today. Truth is, I’ve been wanting to write this for a very long time. I’ve had the featured photo all ready to go – since early February. (Just about everyone does a retrospective shortly after the first of the year, don’t they?)

2018 was a wonderful and productive year; it was the best one yet for harnesslife. Our micro army of volunteers helped to initiate, coordinate, and collaborate in activities that resulted in the spaying and neutering of 302 feral cats, 27 adoptable cats, 5 pet cats and 6 dogs. We managed to reach thousands of viewers on social media with our #StopRoverpopulation messages almost every day. What a fabulous feeling of accomplishment!

And yet, 2018 brought one of the most torturous, heartbreaking times of my life. An unexpected journey with my soul dog, my inspiration – my Lola – led me to consider abandoning the very organization that I founded to help others just like her.

So many photos, so many toys and props and possessions constantly bringing memories of those despairing weeks before and after Lola’s crossing the bridge. Every. Single. Day. It’s been horrifyingly difficult.

Today, I’m choosing to remember the little miracles, the sweet acts of kindness, the people who reached out with compassionate words or mementos given from the heart. So many of them unexpected; all of them so profoundly appreciated. Please know that each one of you has brought a spark to the darkness.

We may not know the exact direction that our small but mighty non-profit will take. Rest assured, I’ll be carrying those lessons of kindness and compassion with us as we find our way forward.

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Dee is a hopeless optimistic, fervidly working to end pet overpopulation issues at the source. Founder of and persistent to a fault, she keeps pushin' the #StopRoverpopulation message, preferring pictures over words.

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