Fixing More Than 50 Ferals In One Day

Monday, October 15, 2018 was a chilly, cloudy, rainy day. But this weather didn't stop folks from bringing more than 5 dozen feral cats to The 50 Feral Fix in Robbinsville, NJ. More than 15 trappers - some from TNR groups and some simply dedicated individuals - arrived by 7AM, cars loaded with traps, each containing a soon-to-be-fixed feral.

For the past three years, the People For Animals Spay Neuter Clinic has been hosting this annual event for us. It all began with a wacky idea: Why not spay or neuter as many ferals as possible in one day? Fortunately, Donna Hildreth, who leads the TNR program at North Brunswick Humane Association was willing to listen. She then arranged a meeting with Jane Guillaume, Executive Director of People For Animals. The rest, as they say, is history!

North Brunswick Humane Association and each subsidized 25 "feral packages" with People For Animals chipping in the remaining ones, so that together we could offer free spay and neuter for 63 feral cats from Central NJ! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event; we are so glad you joined us to celebrate Global Cat Day 2018:

People For Animals

  • Dr. Adam Corbett, Veterinarian
  • Christina Keri, Clinic Manager
  • Mercedes Parker
  • Liz Franz
  • Dawn Ciolek

North Brunswick Humane Association

  • Donna Hildreth

All of the trappers, who work tirelessly to help the ferals every day, including:

  • Melodie Petrone, CAPIC Cats (who trapped and stayed to help at the clinic all day!)
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