Keeping Kitten Season In Check

Now is the time to fix the ferals! We’re increasing the number of spay shuttles to the People For Animals clinic in Robbinsville and we’re packing those shuttles full of felines from Hunterdon County, NJ. Tabby’s Place is continuing to offer their location as the pick-up and drop-off point and has given us a generous monetary grant that helps us subsidize the cost per cat.

Yesterday we loaded 32 cats onto our regularly scheduled shuttle – 12 females and 20 males. We’re hoping to squeeze even more onto each of the two that we have scheduled in March 20th (an additional shuttle) and March 28th (our regular shuttle on the fourth Wednesday of the month.) Please help us spread the word by sharing this post – together we can prevent the birth of hundreds of kittens in Hunterdon.

Here are some photos from sunrise to sunset yesterday. Enjoy!

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