Holiday Thoughts From Alvin & Lola

Sure, we’d love to have Santa Paws bring us lots of yummy bones and treats – maybe a new toy or two. But while I calmly wait (and try to convince my kid brother to do the same) I can’t help but remember all the amazing gifts we’ve already received throughout the year.

We have our choice of comfy beds – some close to the floor, called “dogbeds” and others with a higher vantage point, called “couches” or “thatsmyspotmoveovers.” That’s when Alvin gets “snuggles” and I get my well-deserved “chestrubs.”

We get regular “breakfastinyourbowl” when we wake up and “dinnerinyourbowl” shortly after the humans come home in the evening. Many times – and for no particular reason – we get surprised with “treats” too. Each time we must “sit” and look at the humans for the “takeit” cue, but that’s just a part of the routine.

We go for fun “wannagooutsides” and we sniff and walk and get to do “gotoyourspots” – then sniff and walk some more.

My favorite is “letsgoforarideinthetruck” because I know we’ll be staying in the “rollingdoghouse” and getting to sniff all new smells and see new things!

Beyond our everyday gifts, though, are the very, very special ones. My humans call them “friends” or sometimes, “volunteers” and I know they help make life better for the animals that are struggling. I hear that they “worktheirbuttsoff” to do something called “raisemoney” or “foster” so that we can all “stoproverpopulation.”

I remember a time when my life was not happy; I was hungry and sick and had to worry about my newborn puppies. I also remember when Alvin came to live with us; he looked like a skeleton and was dirty and his eyes were so sad. I can imagine many other dogs and cats that haven’t been lucky like Alvin and me . . .

This Christmas, although I am very grateful that the “volunteers” brought the gift of love to Alvin and me so many dog years ago, I wish for more. Please, Santa Paws, bring more of these “volunteers” and “raisemoney” so we can bring happiness and love to¬†all the suffering animals.

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As one of the founding members of, Lola has more than six years of experience in her role as Senior Spokespup. Lola hails from West Virginia and was rescued by S&L Animal Rescue in April 2010. Her constantly wagging tail, sweet disposition and AKC Canine Good Citizen certification make her perfect for the job!

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