Book Review: Chancer – How One Good Boy Saved Another

Chancer – How One Good Boy Saved Another
Donnie Kantor Winokur
Adult Nonfiction 
Grand Harbor Press


Recommended Audience: Adult


This is a memoir; a mother’s anguished but eventually triumphant
journey at solving the problem of her adopted son. Donnie
Winokur and husband Harvey adopted two Russian orphans, Morasha
and Iyal. In time it became apparent that Iyal was going to pose
serious difficulties, plunging the family into the abyss of
fetal alcohol syndrome. At wit’s end, the Winokurs turn to a
special service dog – Chancer.

This is the story of that journey. There is frustration, hope,
terror, love, despair, and joy in these pages. Donnie is
astonishingly open in her explorations: her dealing with a
husband reluctant to try the service dog route, the serious
committment in time and money to acquire a properly trained dog,
and the substantial adjustments the family must make with the
service dog.

Through it all, Chancer stands tall (over 4 feet when stretched
out!) as the savior, not just for Iyal, but for Donnie, Morasha
and even ever reluctant Harvey.

[rated 4 paws instead of tail-wagger for unexpectedly rough
language, which detracts from the narrative]

Note: Review based on Kindle edition

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