Book Review: Stone Fox

 Stone Fox
John Reynolds Gardiner
 Juvenile Fiction 


Recommended Audience: grades 4-7

Summary: When Willy’s grandfather gets sick, Willy decides to try to save the farm (taxes owed) by entering a dog sled race. He tends the farm, takes care of his sick grandfather, and trains his dog.

Reaction: Willy shows that kids can make a difference and that hard work and determination pay off. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that it reminded me that there IS good in the world and that it doesn’t matter your background/race – everyone can be kind. Heart-warming and tear-jerking.

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Megan is a middle school student in Hunterdon County. She enjoys spending time teaching her parakeet Blueberry new sounds and letting him fly onto her shoulder. When she isn't playing with Blueberry, she is often chasing her mutt Pepsi around the yard and teaching her fun, new tricks. Megan's goals include creating a hotel for homeless dogs so that they are comfortable and safe until they are adopted and educating people about the importance of spaying/neutering. Her accomplishments include having a birthday party in which guests donated items to a local shelter in lieu of gifts, periodically using her own money to shop frugally for items for a local shelter, educating her peers about the importance of spaying and neutering (based on MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech), donating items to the HarnessLife yard sale, and, most recently, writing book reviews for HarnessLife. Megan doesn't just "flip out" about the pet overpopulation problem; she is also a JOGA level 5 competitive gymnast. She is thrilled to be a volunteer for HarnessLife and hopes that she will help make a difference.

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