Almost 50 For Feral Cat Day

We held our second "50 Feral Fix" on Thursday, October 13th at the People For Animals spay neuter clinic in Robbinsville, NJ. Many thanks to Jane Guillaume, Executive Director, and the caring staff for blocking the day for us so we could have their undivided professional attention! Again, we were so fortunate to partner with Donna Hildreth from North Brunswick Humane Association; she is an expert in all aspects of TNR!

This was the first time we offered a day-before-the-clinic drop off. Forty-one of the reservations requested this option, as it allowed more flexibility for trappers who often have very busy schedules. In addition, trappers could request a post-op overnight stay for a nominal $5 per cat. This option was especially important for those who did not have a warm space for the suggested 24 hour recovery period.

Our volunteers were amazing - lifting and moving cats in crates, cleaning and prepping traps, monitoring recovering cats, cleaning surgical instruments, running batches and folding volumes of laundry - they are the energy and support that helps to make a clinic like this so successful. Thank you to NBHA volunteers, Laurie Steiner, Nancy Pavley and Robbin Locke and HL volunteer, Nancy Klepper. We appreciate all your help with this clinic.

As a result of this clinic, almost fifty cats were spayed or neutered prior to Feral Cat Day! The balance of the fifty kitties will, indeed, be fixed as soon as they are trapped!

Interested in becoming a part of the team? Please read this, then contact We welcome new volunteers!

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