Fixing Ferals In Lambertville, NJ

We held our most recent clinic for ferals and friendlies on September 15, 2016 in Lambertville, NJ. Lori Stagnitto of Lambertville Animal Welfare made the connections for a great location to park the People For Animals Spay Station at the Elks Lodge #1070, while we promoted, managed reservations and funded this clinic.

Once again, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Lori! She and volunteer, Carol, kept watchful eyes on all the kitties during recovery and she graciously provided lunch for everyone working and volunteering during the clinic. We also thank Lori and Lambertville Animal Welfare for their monetary support to "Spay It Forward" for the next clinic.

Dr. David Croman and staff spayed or neutered 27 cats (22 ferals and 5 friendlies) during this event! Thank you once again for a productive and professional clinic.

Thank you to our host, Elks Lodge #1070 and Bill Vogel, Exhalted Ruler, for being so accommodating. Your building was a comfortable place to stage cats at intake and to recover them in warmth. The humans so appreciated the coffee and bottled water, too!

Our volunteers are the absolute best - and critical to the success of our spay/neuter initiatives. Thank you, Madeline Sunga, Paul Strelecki, Donna Halligan-Whitehead and Bryna Elder-Munro!

Enjoy the photos!

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