Fix A Feral For $5

JUNE 28th UPDATE – All spots in this clinic have been filled! (We are not accepting any additional reservation requests – sorry.)

IN THE MEANTIME . . .  we’d like to do something additional to help the trappers who have enrolled in this clinic. These folks not only volunteer their time and effort at all hours of the day and night, they frequently pay for cat food, supplies and medications out of their own pockets! So, from June 30th to July 11th we will be collecting canned and dry cat and kitten food, as well as litter to distribute to the trappers as they bring their cats to the clinic for spay and neuter. Collection boxes will be set up at Nature’s Harvest, 37 Reaville Avenue, Flemington (that’s in the Staples strip mall), at Well Bred Pet Store, 19A Old Highway 22, Clinton and at Pets Pets Pets, 438 Rt 513, Califon. Alternatively, if you’d like to make arrangements for us to meet you for pick up, please email Let’s bring our community together to help our community cats and the folks who care for them!

Calling all trappers and TNR organizations in the following New Jersey towns: Alexandria, Alpha, Asbury, Belvidere, Bethlehem, Bloomsbury, Clinton, Frenchtown, Glen Gardner, Harmony, High Bridge, Holland, Lebanon, Lopatcong, Milford, Oxford, Phillipsburg, Pohatcong, Stewartsville, Still Valley, Summerfield, Union, Washington and White!

We’ve scheduled the People For Animals Mobile Spay Station for a “felines only” spay-neuter clinic. Whiskers Hope has graciously offered a spot to park the mobile clinic, as well as safe indoor space to hold the cats before and after surgery. These sterilizations will be funded by through our Spay-Neuter Fund. It’s another win-win collaboration!

  • WHO:  Feral cats (and some friendly cats) within a 10-mile radius of Whiskers Hope Cat Rescue in Stewartsville, NJ.
  • WHAT:  Feline spay or neuter for a “spay-it-forward donation” of $5 per feral and $25 per friendly.*
    • For feral cats: (Must be >2 months and >2lbs.) Includes pre-surgical exam, rabies & distemper vaccines, ear tip, injectable antibiotics and pain control as indicated, tattoo and medical waste disposal.
    • For friendly cats: (Must be >2 months and >2lbs.) Includes pre-surgical exam, rabies and distemper vaccines if needed, green tattoo, pain medication at the time of surgery Elizabethan collar, take-home pain medication and medical waste fees.
    • NOTE: See “Additional Services” list below for items that are not covered, but can be requested and paid for by trapper or pet owner.
  • WHERE:  People For Animals Mobile Veterinary Clinic, parked at Whiskers Hope Cat Rescue (we will send directions with reservation confirmation.)
  • WHEN:  Tuesday, July 12, 2016 – Drop off at 7:00 AM / Pickup approx. 4:00 PM (or earlier, if approved for release – we will call)
  • HOW:  MUST PRE-REGISTER by Friday, July 8, 2016. Send an email to: with “$5 Feral Fix” in the subject. In the body of the email you must Include the following information:
    • trapper or organization name
    • the town that the cats are from
    • email address of the person dropping off/picking up the animal(s)
    • phone number of the person dropping off/picking up the animal(s)
    • the number and type (feral/with ear tip or friendly/no ear tip) of felines you will be bringing (include genders, if known)

We will respond to each email with additional details. Reservations fill up quickly! Contact us now – we will have a wait list, too.

*There are 30 spaces maximum. We reserve the right to adjust as reservations come in and current need is established.

  • +$7 Microchip (includes registration)
  • +$15 Activyl® Flea Treatment
  • +$20 Revolution® Flea & Tick Treatment
  • +$30 Feline Leukemia/FIV Test
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  1. I’m working on several colonies in the Warren county area. Can I possibly have a few appts for July 12. Please let me know. Thank you for doing this. I usually pay for the cats in different colonies so I would love to,let a few in at this rate.

    • Hi Sybil, Thanks for contacting us. I sent you an email about this clinic today.

  2. Hi I have been trying to send a email to you but for some reason it is not letting me (bad server demon). I have there kittens that need to be fixed.

    • Hi Lorraine, Thanks for contacting us about the feral clinic. I sent a reply today to the email address that you gave us.

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