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Take two trusted and exceptional teams, put them together in a high volume spay-neuter clinic environment, sprinkle in some past students and a few volunteers - and BOOM! Positive impact on many levels.

I was fortunate enough to meet and work with some of the People For Animals professionals a few months ago when we did The 50 Feral Fix at their Robbinsville, NJ location. At that time, I learned that they were operating a mobile spay neuter clinic trailer (The Spay Station) that traveled around New Jersey.

For the past four years I've also had the pleasure of leading workshops for Taryn Romanczak's Animal Technologies students at Hunterdon County Polytech in Flemington, NJ. These students are serious and curious about our mission to #StopRoverpopulation as an effective way to reduce animal suffering and euthanization in our shelters.

Meanwhile, I kept bumping into information about owned pets and feral cats in Hunterdon County that were not sterilized - and leaving way too much potential for unwanted litters.

Hmmmm. . .  what might happen if we could park The Spay Station next to the Animal Technologies Building, involve the students in the process, invite the community and local trappers to bring in their cats and dogs - and fund the whole thing from the Spay Neuter Fund?

See for yourself . . .

A huge thank you to:

  • People For Animals for embracing the idea of including more than two dozen high school students and taking the extra time to demonstrate, coach and answer questions.
  • Taryn Romanczak and her Animal Technologies students for their enthusiasm and attentiveness during the clinic.
  • Brittney Armstrong, Katie Bausmith, Shanna Clifford, Erren Melnerney, and Sami Wallace for taking the time to return to Animal Technologies to share your expertise.
  • volunteers, Madeline Sunga, Donna Whitehead and Liz Dembeski for stepping up to help make this clinic a success.
  • The pet owners and trappers who love and care for their animals every day - so happy we could help!
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Dee is a hopeless optimistic, fervidly working to end pet overpopulation issues at the source. Founder of and persistent to a fault, she keeps pushin' the #StopRoverpopulation message, preferring pictures over words.

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  1. This was an amazing experience for the students! Not only did they get to LEARN about the process they HELPED throughout the entire process. This was invaluable experience for these students!!!!

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