Free Spay Neuter For Hunterdon County Cats & Dogs

UPDATE: MAY 19, 2016

DIRECTIONS TO THE CLINIC: The mobile clinic will be located next to the Animal Technologies Building on the Hunterdon County Polytech Campus, Junction Road, Flemington, NJ (Near Hunterdon Central H.S.) The best access for drop off and pick up is from Walter E. Foran Blvd. At the traffic light by the entrance to Raritan Town Square Shopping Center (Lowes & Walmart) turn to go toward HCRHS and Polytech. Continue to the "T" intersection and turn right onto Junction Road. Go approximately 600 ft. and turn left into the parking lot. (There will be signs to the clinic with the "Blueprint: Spay Neuter" logo on them.) Click here for a map showing navigation thru the parking lots on the Polytech Campus to the drop off & pick up area in the gravel lot.

UPDATE: MAY 10, 2016

We have responded to everyone who sent us a request prior to the closing of registrations. However, we are still waiting to hear back from some, so that we can confirm all spots at this free clinic. If we do not get a response by this Friday, May 13th we will consider the reservation cancelled and will offer the spot to the next person on our waiting list.

UPDATE: APRIL 29, 2016

The response has been overwhelming! We are sorry, but we cannot accept any additional registrations at this time. Within the first 36 hours, requests have greatly exceeded our limit of 25 sterilizations. Stay tuned as we work to find ways to help everyone who has contacted us. The need is great right here in our own county; it is clear that we need to repeat this initiative as soon as resources allow.


We've put together an exciting collaboration to help the animals of Hunterdon County! The People For Animals Mobile Veterinary Clinic will be coming to Hunterdon County Polytech Animal Technologies to perform 25 spays or neuters. These sterilizations will be funded by through our Spay-Neuter Fund.

It's a triple win - we are working together to prevent unwanted litters in Hunterdon, the 25 surgeries are FREE, and the Animal Technologies students will experience a mobile veterinary clinic in action.

  • WHO:  Feral cats and owned pets in Hunterdon County*
  • WHAT:  Free spay or neuter
    • For feral cats: (Must be >2 months and >2lbs.) Includes pre-surgical exam, rabies & distemper vaccines, ear tip, injectable antibiotics and pain control as indicated, tattoo and medical waste disposal.
    • For owned cats: (Must be >2 months and >2lbs.) Includes pre-surgical exam, rabies and distemper vaccines if needed, green tattoo, pain medication at the time of surgery Elizabethan collar, take-home pain medication and medical waste fees.
    • For owned dogs: (Must be <55 lbs.) Includes pre-surgical exam, rabies and distemper vaccines if needed, green tattoo, pain medication at the time of surgery, Elizabethan collar, take-home pain medication and medical waste fees.
    • NOTE: See "Additional Services" list below for items that are not covered, but can be requested and paid for by trapper or pet owner.
  • WHERE:  People For Animals Mobile Veterinary Clinic, which will be parked adjacent to the Hunterdon Polytech Animal Technologies building (off Junction Road in Flemington.) There will be signs to direct folks dropping off and picking up their animals.
  • WHEN:  Monday, May 23, 2016 - Drop off at 7:00 AM / Pickup approx. 4:00 PM (or earlier, if approved for release - we will call)
  • HOW:   ALL TRAPPERS & PET OWNERS MUST PRE-REGISTER by Monday, May 16, 2016. Send an email to: with "Spay Neuter Hunterdon" in the subject. In the body of the email please Include the following information:
    • your name (or organization or trapper's name)
    • email address and phone number of the person dropping off/picking up the animal(s)
    • the number and type of animal(s) you will be bringing in (feral cat / pet cat / pet dog)
    • We will respond to each email with additional details

Reservations fill up quickly! Contact us now - we will be starting a wait list, too.

*There are 25 spaces maximum. We are envisioning approx 70% ferals and approx 30% owned cats/dogs, but reserve the right to adjust as reservations come in and current need is established. If all reservations are not filled by May 16, 2016, we will extend invitations to Hunterdon County-based rescue groups for their adoptable animals.

  • +$15 Microchip (includes registration)
  • +$30 Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma Test
  • +$30 Feline Leukemia/FIV Test
  • +$10.70 Nail Clipping – Cats or Dogs (includes tax)
  • +$16.05 (Cat), +19.26 (Dog) Activyl® Flea Treatment (includes tax)
  • +$21.40 Revolution® Flea & Tick Treatment (includes tax)
  • +Inflatable Collar (includes tax)
    • XS - $12.84
    • S - $14.98
    • M - $17.12
    • L - $19.26
    • XL - $23.54
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We are an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that initiates, promotes and supports strategies to prevent cat and dog overpopulation.


    • Hello Jean! Thanks for your interest in this clinic. Please check your email for some additional information that I have just sent to you.

        • Hi Jean! We kept trying to get in touch with you for the May 23rd clinic and sent several emails! Unfortunately, that one-day clinic is done. We may be doing a similar clinic in the fall or winter, so stay tuned!

    • Hi Alexis, I’ve just double-checked and we never received an email from you (and there was nothing in the spam folder.) Did you send your request to per the instructions in our blog post? We will put your name on our wait list and get back to you for specifics if a spot becomes available. All 25 spots have been filled in this clinic. So sorry.

  1. I was wondering of you are still offering this service. A stray female cat gave birth in our garage. we have been taking care of her and her kittens, but would like to get her fixed so this doesn’t happen again.

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