Grateful For A Great Full Weekend

Lola here . . .  I’m filling in for Dee as she finishes packing up all the leftovers from the Street Sale Fundraiser. Boy what a weekend it was! Alvin and I knew something big was going on. The humans kept dragging boxes up from the basement and down from the attic. And, we weren’t allowed in the garage during the week prior to the sale.

Alvin and I had a big job to do this past Friday and Saturday. I taught him that it was imperative to bark at each person walking up the driveway, to announce that the humans were selling these items to raise money for the Spay Neuter Fund. It must have worked; I overheard Dee say that the proceeds totaled more than $540!

At our neighborhood street sale we get to speak with the best – the kookiest, the nicest, the most generous – people. Towards the end of Saturday, a woman who was here on business from West Virginia just happened to stop by to look, then purchased two big bags of items. She understood and supported our mission!

My good buddy and neighbor, Jake, along with his friend, Bryan, had been working hard selling lemonade as part of his Mom’s sale. At the very end of the two days, these awesome boys donated half of their profits to! These young men understood and supported our mission, too! We are so grateful for each and every person who supported us prior to and during the fundraiser. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

But wait! There was surprise for US! Saturday was also DOGust 1st – the universal birthday for shelter and rescue dogs everywhere. Our humans had planned a party for us, with doggie ice cream and a special biscuit and new TOYS! Alvin celebrated his 2nd and I celebrated my 8th (even though they are just guesstimates of our ages.) We ate yummy treats, licked our ice cream and played and played.

My kid brother and I came from very different – but both very tough – situations. Life is so happy now, it’s hard to remember those awful days and we are very grateful for the hard work of ALL the folks who have helped us along the way. Thank you, humans.

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