A No-Kill Community in Martinsville, VA

It was just two weeks ago that we were RVing in Henry and Patrick counties in Southern Virginia. The rainy weather put a damper on hiking with Lola and Alvin, so we piled into the truck to explore the local towns. As luck would have it, we stumbled across this SPCA sign on Rt 685. We hit the brakes, made the sharp left turn and wound our way up the driveway.

I must be honest – we had no idea what we’d find at the top of the hill. (I still have haunting images bouncing around in my head from some of my experiences working in rescue.) Happily, we found friendly, enthusiastic people who loved making this adoption center the very best it can be! Robin graciously gave us a tour, allowed us to take lots of photos and answered all of our questions. We had a wonderful experience and now would like to share it with you through the photos and links below. Enjoy!

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SPCA of Martinsville • Henry County website  •  SPCA of Martinsville • Henry County facebook page

Click here to read how they calculate their impressive no-kill rates.

Help the SPCA of Martinsville•Henry County by purchasing items from their Amazon Wish List below:

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  1. Love this place. Even though I have many rescues of my own I love to ride by and socialize with them since I can’t take them home with me. Great caring loving friendly place.

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