Farewell, Sweet Kitty

We took in Tippi and her brother, Max, from a dear friend who was losing his battle with lung cancer. He had told us they were seven years old and that he got them from a farm in New Hampshire as young kittens. “What’s two more?” I thought at the time. Thus, our four-legged pack grew to include four felines and a 100 pound White German Shepherd.

Max didn’t last too long; within two weeks he ran away after a feline argument over a dead mouse in the middle of our family room. But Tippi . . . I never dreamed that she would stay as part of our family for almost 15 years! She outlived all of the original pack – Frost Doggie and cats, Ted and Alice.

She was friendly, inquisitive and vocal to humans and canines alike. Although she was petite, her take-charge-but-tolerant demeanor made her the perfect choice to be the “cat test” kitty for each one of our 65 foster dogs and puppies, too. During the past several years Tippi earned her kibble as Spokeskitty with our organization as we entrusted her with the position of Director of Lifelines for cat rescues that specialize in TNR.

This morning, at almost 22 earth years of age, Tippi’s kidneys could no longer support her frail, wobbly little body. It broke our hearts, but it was the last gift we could give her, after she had given so much happiness to us and others.

We miss you, sweet girl. Give a rub and a “Meow!” to Hector. I’m sure he was waiting for you at the bridge.


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  1. So sorry! What a wonderful long life she enjoyed with you though! Such a cutie pie. I love the oldest kitties best, but it’s hardest to say goodbye to them.

  2. She had a beautiful heart and a great spirit. She will be missed by so many! I hope you are able to find comfort in the memories you have of her. She was an AWESOME cat and friend! 🙂 xoxoxo

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