Our Latest Fundraiser – Puppies For Sale!

Hey folks! Get on the waiting list NOW by commenting on this blog post below . . . the pups will be VERY hard to get. Can you just imagine how beautiful they would be? Can’t lose with both parents having those amazingly soulful eyes. We can almost guarantee excellent temperaments, too, as both Lola and Alvin are such wonderful, sweet pups.

If you can’t buy a puppy to help build our ♀Spay ♂Neuter Fund, no problem! Perhaps consider making a donation by clicking the donate button to the right . . .

Or, here are some ways that you can help us that won’t cost you a penny: EASY & FREE WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE

AprilFools2015Have an amazing #AprilFoolsDay2015 🙂

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We are an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that initiates, promotes and supports strategies to prevent cat and dog overpopulation.


  1. As cute and sweet as Lola and Alvin’s pups would be, I know this is an April Fools’ joke. HarnessLife helps prevent pet overpopulation, so Lola and Alvin are surely spayed/neutered. Cute post! Hope it makes people think…

    • Yes Gwen, we hope it makes people think too. It’s an absurd example, but backyard and ‘hobby’ breeders are equally absurd for randomly breeding and selling puppies while so many others are waiting (or dying) in shelters.

    • We’re very glad that you couldn’t believe it, Jill! But, we did catch your attention, right? 😉

  2. OMG, I’m just seeing this and I have to say I almost had a heart attack! How could it be true? The sad reality is that people actually will breed their pets to have rent money, or for furniture..I even heard of someone breeding to have money for a new pair of expensive sneakers! thanks for making people think! Valorie,Kurt, and Jax!

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