Good Newz: Jan 13, 2015

PepsiThis past Saturday, I had an important meeting with a young lady. Her name is Megan and she is on a mission. This wasn’t the first time we’d spoken, as I first met Megan and her family in 2010 when they adopted one of the pups we were fostering through S&L Animal Rescue. It was this sweet pup, Pepsi, who was the catalyst for our meeting this past Saturday at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Branchburg, NJ.

You see, Pepsi’s photo was one of the winners in our recent Photos With Santa contest. As such, Pepsi’s humans got to choose a shelter or rescue organization that would receive one of our Spay/Neuter Grants. Megan chose St. Hubert’s. She also wanted to present the grant in person – and upped the ante by bringing a bunch of donated supplies with her as well!

MeganPresentsGrantBut the story doesn’t end here . . .  Megan’s Mom sent me a copy of an essay that Megan recently wrote for a fourth grade  “I Have A Dream” assignment. I’m including it below, with her Mom’s permission. Thank you Megan, for inspiring others with both your words and your actions. Thank you too, for reminding us that there still is hope; despite all the bad things we read in the news, many kids do have compassionate hearts and are paying it forward. And, thanks for reinforcing my resolution in this new year – I see that some people really are reading my ramblings and watching our videos!

I Have A Dream…       by Megan
Every twelve seconds a dog or cat in a shelter is put to sleep. That’s not even considering all the stray dogs and cats who are starving and have to search through garbage or eat roadkill just to survive. Many of them don’t. The ones that do just have more and more babies and then more and more animals will suffer. I have a dream that one day we will live in a world where EVERY dog and cat has a safe, warm home.
There are many ways my dream can come true and it starts with YOU. First, instead of buying a dog or cat from a breeder, you should opt to adopt. When you choose a pet from a rescue organization, you don’t just save your pet- you actually save TWO animals. By adopting, you make room for another animal to be sheltered or fostered.
Next, be sure to have your pet spayed or neutered. If you don’t, the animal can have more babies. We already have more animals than we have homes. Don’t add to the problem. There are many groups that will help reduce the cost of spaying and neutering. It is worth it to help make every animal a wanted animal!
Finally, you can donate money, food, or supplies to foster organizations, spay and neuter groups, and animal shelters. These groups take care of animals. They try to find homes for the animals, and try to prevent further overpopulation of animals.
You might think you are too young to help, but you aren’t. For example, I have donated food and cleaning supplies to different shelters. I also used some of the money I earned from chores to help an organization called Harness Life- a spay and neuter group.       With your help, my dream of a world where every dog and cat has a safe, warm home can become a reality. (Showing pictures of dogs and cats while counting…) One- Two-Three-Four-Five-Six-Seven- Eight- Nine- Ten- Eleven- Twelve. I have a dream today. Will you make it your dream, too?
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  1. Update: Megan finally presented her speech today. She earned an A+ and noted that it was well-received by her peers. So proud of her for sharing such a powerful message! Love her!

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