Curious About Christmas

Sniff, sniff . . .  hmmmm. This is odd. I’ve never smelled anything like this before . . . AlvinSniffsXmasLights

Alvin asks, “Hey Lola! What are these?”

Lola says, “Let me sniff. . . Ohhhhh . . . the humans bring these out only once a year. But when they do, it’s a signal that wondrous things will be happening soon.” Alvin looked confused (as he often does.) “We will get fun toys and tasty treats.” Lola continued, “Tippi cat will get some, too.”

Lola gazed out of the window remembering other stories she’d overheard, then whispered, “Alvin, it’s almost magical! The humans open their hearts and take many of our friends out of the shelters. They bring them to their nice warm, cozy homes so the animals can experience kindness.”


“Just like you and me? Just like when we came to live here?” Alvin asked excitedly, “What do they call it, Lola?” “The humans call it Christmas” Lola explained, “But I call it LOVE.”







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