Good Newz: Oct 21, 2014

Today’s Good Newz has a common thread: teamwork. I just love it when folks come together – regardless of rescue organization affiliation – to save lives of animals. Here are three excellent examples. I know there are many more of you out there . . . I just haven’t found you yet!

102114Spencer #1 Team Spencer.
Saved by: Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue.
Fostered by: Beth Hucke
Photographed by: Valerie Bruder (She’s an amazing photographer who donates a lot of her time to helping rescue pups.)
♂Neuter Grant: Us!

Spencer is currently available for adoption through Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue.


#2 Team Disney Pups
Saved by: Diamonds In The Ruff Rescue
Fostered by: Barb Blackman and Jodie Marie Sienko
Photographed by: Valerie Bruder
♀Spay & ♂Neuter Grants (4): Us!

The Disney pups are currently available for adoption through Diamonds In The Ruff Rescue.


102114Derby#3 Team Derby (This one really exemplifies teamwork!)
Pulled from Animal Control facility and publicized by: Stephanie Pearl,  Second Chance Pet Adoption League
Vetted and neutered by: Fern Dog Rescue Foundation
Rescued and fostered by: Rescue Ridge
♂Neuter Grant: Us!

Derby is available for adoption through Rescue Ridge.

Do you know of other “spontaneous teams” that have worked together to save local cats or dogs? Please comment below. Thanks!

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