Alvin Goes RVing

We’ll let the pictures tell Lola’s story of Alvin’s very first RV trip. Enjoy!


I was a little bit concerned about how this trip would go . . . after all, the humans and I have a pretty sweet routine when we camp in my rolling doghouse.


The new kid couldn’t even go up and down the steps. What’s the big deal? Just hop on in!


Once the humans carried Alvin inside, I needed to show him that the blue plaid bed was M-I-N-E.


Alvin seemed to be fine with stretching out on the cool vinyl floor. How does he do that with his back legs?


I’ll keep watch from my comfy perch on the human’s bed. You can stay on the floor, Alvin. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if anything is happening outside (like a squirrel or something).


Alvin sure is tired after just one day of camping. What a rookie. . . Hey! Wait a minute! He’s sleepin’ on my bed!


There’s plenty of room for us to have breakfast!


Wow, those humans sure eat weird breakfast. What’s wrong with lamb and rice kibble?


I know there’s lots of new smells here, Alvin, but you can’t pull on the leash . . . the humans will stop walking if you do.


What’s that rustling sound? It’s a chipmunk!!!


Ok Alvin, we each have our our rug . . . why are you on the bigger rug?


Well, Alvin’s on my rug . . . so I’m taking the opportunity to borrow Paul’s lap.


Hmmm . . . I heard Dee say something about “good boy” and then she asked Alvin If he’d like to go camping again some time!


Hickory Run was fun! I don’t understand why we can’t stay longer . . .


Bet Alvin’s wondering where we’re going now. It’s time to go home Alvin . . . maybe we can go on another RV trip real soon.


Geeze! Can’t wait until that abscess heals on Alvin’s back and he can wear a car harness, just like me. . . . I could use a little more room back here, ya’ know.


Oh right . . . I guess I forgot to tell you about the “after camping bath” routine that we have around here, Tee hee , , ,

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    • I appreciate the encouragement, Jenna. I think I’m going to be very busy in the coming weeks with this new kid on the block. 😉

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