I’m In 7th Heaven!

When can I actually EAT my BD cookie?

When can I actually EAT my BD cookie?

I’m giving my lady human, Dee, a break by taking over the blogging assignment for today. She keeps saying that I was the best birthday present she ever received. Actually, I think that I’m the one that got the best part of that deal – and I’ll continue to do my best, as it usually results in me getting lots of those yummy liver treats.

I’d like to tell you all about the great day I had yesterday. First, my crazy lady human was singing a funny song during our morning walk. It went something like, “Happy woofday to you . . .” Then she said that I was going to have a special dinner and a party. I understand “dinner” (that’s my favorite part of every evening) but had no clue what “party” meant. As I recall now, it seems we go thru this “woofday party” thing every once in a while, usually during the warm weather..

She also said I’m seven years old now. That makes me “middle-aged”, but I’m not having any kind of crisis like the humans tend to do. I just go with the flow – and I had a grrrrrreat time at my party. Oh, and I have a new friend – his name is Alvin. He was so very kind and gave me a brandy new bone as a gift. You can see him in the photos below. Hope you enjoy!


My new friend, Alvin, and I can hardly wait for the party to begin.


Yummy biscuits and veggie chew party favors!


Tippi helps by adjusting the ribbons on my birthday hat.


I graciously accept Alvin’s birthday present. It’s a beautiful new bone. Thank you!

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