Waiting . . . And Worrying (About Alvin)

My last image of Alvin, on our way back to the vet.

My last image of Alvin, going back to the vet.

July 21, 2014 – Canine parvovirus is serious stuff. It’s highly contagious and life threatening as it attacks a dog’s intestinal tract. Alvin almost certainly was not vaccinated and he could have easily been exposed to the virus just about anywhere in the urban area where he was picked up. Right now, he has no reserves to fight the disease. I’m hoping he makes it. Damn, why did I fall in love at first sight? I know how touch and go this foster/rescue business can be . . .  I’ve had a foster pup die once before and it sent me into a tailspin.

So, I’ll allow myself to text the rescue group once a day . . .  I just have to know how Alvin’s doing! Stephanie’s responses are kind and patient. To work off nervous energy, I completely sanitize the entire house and yard. It’s amazing how many places little Alvin touched – in addition to my heart – in less than two days . . .

July 22, 2014 –
Me: How’s our boney boy doing? I’m trying to restrain myself from asking every 5 minutes.
Stephanie: LOL. He’s on IV fluids, cerenia, metronidazole and antibiotic. He ate yesterday, no diarrhea but did vomit, passing roundworms. Will let them watch him and make sure still ok when he’s off fluids.

July 23, 2014 –
Me: Hi! I used Alvin’s pic in a wrkshp I gave this a.m. at Hunterdon Polytech Pre-vet group. How’s he doing today?
Stephanie: Aw cool. My vet’s off today so haven’t heard, but going there soon so will find out.
(About an hour later . . )Stephanie: Ugh! Having major diarrhea and vomiting. Still on fluids. They x-rayed again just to make sure, but don’t see any blockages. WBC count very low which means parvo.
Me: Nooooooo . . .
Stephanie: They have dogs for transfusion if it gets to that point…they r doing everything they can right now. Just gotta wait and see . . .
Me: Is there ANYTHING I can do – other than wait? Does he have a chance of surviving this?
Stephanie: Yeah, pretty good chance. Just makes it worse that he was so run down . . . fingers crossed he can pull thru…parvo sucks. Don’t want to jinx it, but all the ones so far this year have made it.

July 24, 2014 –
Stephanie: Alvin ate some food and is taking syringe feeding. No more vomit after 10 am.
Me: TY! Hopeful news. . .  I appreciate you keeping me posted.

July 25, 2014 –
Stephanie: Vomit 1 time a.m. prior to treatments. Eating since. No diarrhea. Brighter.
Me: You must have “felt” me think about Alvin . . . Ohhhh such encouraging news! God bless the vet and all staff. Amazing to create the right cocktail for parvo pups . . .  I am remaining hopeful.

July 26, 2014 –
Stephanie: Alvin scarfing down food! No V or D and took off fluids so will see how it goes this weekend.
Me: YAY! What amazing news!

July 27, 2014 – Me: Good evening! How was boney boy Alvin doing today (off fluids)?

July 28, 2014 –
Stephanie: Crazy exhausting day, went to bed at 7pm. Waiting for update from my vet today and when she thinks he can leave but he was still good yesterday!
Me: Awesome!
Stephanie: Alvin may be able to go tomorrow – doing great!
Me: OMG that is the absolute BEST news! Pls let me know what is best – I will do whatever he needs.

July 29, 2014 –
Stephanie: So Alvin doing well but coughing now so wanna keep a few more days to make sure keeps eating and doesn’t get pneumonia.
Me: poor, poor pup. 🙁 Def would rather have him in ur vet’s care until he can safely be with us!

July 30, 2014 –
Me: Hi! Just chking to see how Alvin is doing and if his cough is any better . . .
Stephanie: Still doing well. My vet off today so will find out tomorrow more when she thinks he can go . .
Me: Ok. Good. TY! I was just thinking about him. :

July 31, 2014 –
Me: Hi! Can’t help myself – just gotta ask my daily question… How’s sweet Alvin doin?
Stephanie: Good! Snotty nose but eating and not really coughing. Can prob go this weekend . . .

And so, Alvin’s journey with us will continue! Please subscribe to our blog for updates.

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