50 Ways . . . And Not Just Spays – Part 7

50ShadesPetPages_640We’ve been noodling around these last ten for a while now. Hope you discover at least a couple that you haven’t tried before!

41. Get an “animal friendly” license plate for your car. Right now, 27 States have made these plates available (NJ is one of them!) Generally for an additional fee, a special plate is issued, then the funds are resdistributed to free and reduced-cost ♀Spay & ♂Neuter programs. Specifics differ from State to State.

42. Collect coupons for pet food, treats and other useful items. (In addition to the newspapers, check out the many great online sources, like www.runtosave.com). You can either give the coupons directly to a rescue group/shelter or buy the items and donate them!

43. Pick up a gas card for the transport group, rescue group or shelter of your choice. The gas burns quickly as they’re driving to and from veterinarians and adoption events – or doing an “extra leg” of a transport at the last minute!

44. When tax time rolls around, remember to check the box on your tax return to fund the state’s Spay/Neuter Program. This option is available in CA, GA, NJ and VT. Is it also available in your state?

45. Usually, animal shelters have a long list of repairs that need to be done. If you have carpenter or handyman skills, seriously consider giving your time to help get those repairs done. Not only will you improve conditions for the volunteers and animals, you may even be saving the shelter hundreds of dollars.

46. If you enjoy writing, offer to write newsletters for a shelter or rescue group. Regular and frequent news generally increases awareness and donations. You can help by doing something you love that does not cost you a cent!

47. Are you a pretty good photographer? Take compelling pictures of the animals needing homes! Then send them to your friends, neighbors and relatives – or post the pictures at a public event. Great pictures help motivate people to take action. You can help to raise awareness and find forever families faster.

48. Form a neighborhood pet-sitting co-op. Can’t find a good pet sitter on short notice? Is your budget stretched to the max? Save some money. Reduce some stress (for both you and your pets). Folks deserve vacations, have family obligations, must travel for business . . . many pets are surrendered to shelters when owners can’t find pet care alternatives.

49. Adopt your next pet from a shelter or a legitimate non-profit rescue organization. Do not get a puppy from an internet ad.

50. Take the time to educate yourself. Learn where your local pet store really gets their puppies, kittens and other animals. Find out the truth about puppy mills. Learn about backyard breeders and why they contribute to the suffering and killing of animals. Research the issues – and the unintended consequences. Make educated, humane decisions.

Lola and I would love to speak to your school, scout, civic or business group! We tailor our presentations and workshops for you. They are age-appropriate and they are always free.

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