50 Ways . . . And Not Just Spays

Lola is celebrating World Spay Day 2013 by sharing 50 ways to combat Roverpopulation! We’ll roll out the series over the next ten weeks and begin with her favorite five:

1. Make sure that your own pets have been spayed or neutered. This is the single most effective means of ensuring that your pup, kitty or bunny won’t be adding to the pet overpopulation problem.

2. Point a friend or colleague in the direction of reduced cost spay/neuter surgery options. A quick search of the internet will reveal all kinds of options by ZIP code, including clinics, voucher programs and special events.

3. Provide transport for a neighbor’s or family member’s pet to and from spay/neuter surgery if they can’t get the animal there themselves.

4. Volunteer some time at a local spay/neuter clinic. You’re needed for jobs ranging from washing and folding laundry to scrubbing and sterilizing instruments to moving and monitoring animals before or after surgery.

5. Make a monetary donation to a local spay/neuter fund. Your support will help prevent unwanted litters from strays, surrenders, rescues and ferals!

Next week we’ll outline some ideas for things you can do within your own family to help combat Roverpopulation!

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    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Ann. Stay tuned for the rest of our list, which will be published in segments during the coming weeks!

    • Great idea, Angela! We are actually in process of designing new t-shirts, as we have run out of the first batch that had our “paws” logo printed on the front. Hmmmmm . . . got me thinking in a whole different direction! Thanks 🙂

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