I Quit!

Yup. Two months ago I stopped rescuing and fostering dogs. Period. Just like that. Done. It was literally consuming me. I spent every available moment (and some of my not so available moments) thinking, planning, creating, doing things “for dog rescue”. Promoting the pups, explaining the process, assessing the pups, inspecting the poop (yes, I said “inspecting”), evaluating the potential adopters, designing the posters, transporting the pups. And. . . schlepping crates, administering meds, combing out fleas, cleaning up poop, fielding phone calls, coordinating calendars, taking pictures, posting online, begging for donations, raiding town recycling for newspapers. . .  do you have any idea how much poop is produced by a litter of puppies every day?

I left it all. After two and a half years of being totally immersed, I still knew in my heart that we had only managed to save a bucket or two from the ocean of pups on the way to their death . . .  I don’t get it – as fast as we’d pull a pup from a shelter, there would be another (or several) to take its place. Seemed like nobody was looking at the source of the problem!

Actually, I do get it. There are hundreds of rescue groups and shelters. They’re all good folks working their butts off to save as many poor, pathetic pups as they can. But, they’re focusing all of their energy on just trying to save the tsunami of puppies and abandoned dogs. Most don’t have enough resources to stem the tide too!

So, yeah, I quit rescue. Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working on the pet overpopulation problem, though. I’ve re-focused on the other end (so to speak) of the problem. . .  And right now, I’m chippin’ away at discovering the reasons why folks choose not to spay or neuter their animals. Anyone out there have some insight they’d like to share?

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