Volunteer With Us


VolunteersNeeded2Join us as we work to end the suffering and killing in many of our shelters. Help us #StopRoverpopulation at the source of the problem.

We need reliable folks who are ready to work as part of our team. Can you give just an hour a week or prefer to commit a block of time?  Do you wish to help from the comfort of your home or want to be in the thick of it at an event? Are you eager to lead a focused team or happier contributing with a single task? We would love to have you join harnesslife.org! Our group works diligently to support and promote the best ways to reduce the numbers of companion animals in the shelters.

So, what’s your passion?

♦ Surfing The Web     ♦ Talking With People     ♦ Capturing Information     ♦ Helping Animals     ♦ Writing A Good Story     ♦ Designing Posters     ♦ Raising Funds     ♦ Planning Fun Events     ♦ Analyzing Data     ♦ Taking Great Photos     ♦ Making A Difference!

Let’s match your passion with a volunteer activity that helps us reach our goals. Pick something from the list below, then contact dee@harnesslife.org to discuss the details! If you’re not sure, but willing to learn and would like to help – we want you, too! Please contact us. Together, we can all make a difference to #StopRoverpopulation.

  • Write a monthly blog post series on an area of your interest. (i.e., pet law, pet sterilization, training and behavior, etc.)
  • Write a monthly book review.
  • Write a short piece with photos or links for our  “Good Newz Tues” feature.
  • Research reputable information and resources for “Lola’s Links” (i.e., lost/found pets, support to help folks keep pets during tough times, breed bias, etc.)
  • Source locations and put our jars in place.
  • Periodically collect the funds and record for analysis.
  • Source sites for promotion (online and in the community) and register us, if required.
  • Develop promo pieces and announcements.
  • Post online or at community locations.
  • PHOTOS WITH SANTA – We need Santa volunteers!!!
  • Alvin’s Attic Auction/Online Sales (source items, take photos, post info online, monitor bids or purchase offers, pack/ship or meet for local pickup, etc.)
  • CrowdFunding Campaign (help develop, write “story” and updates, promote online, monitor progress and report, etc.)
  • Grant Proposals (find additional sources, help write, monitor progress, etc.)
  • FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM or TWITTER – Post HL news, features, etc. and monitor the HL page/feed (Tweet during events!)
  • PINTEREST – HELP! We need a Pinterest maven to help get our page back on track.
  • ALL SOCIAL MEDIA – Please share/like/favorite/re-tweet our posts regularly.
  • Photographer / Infographics – Create a series of visual posts (i.e., benefits of spay/neuter, what to do if your pet is lost, breed bias, etc. – there are many appropriate topics to explore!)
  • New t-shirts (work with our graphic artist on design, source best printing options, coordinate orders, etc.)
  • Develop new items for potential fundraisers, procure materials, coordinate production, work with promotion volunteers, etc.
  • Presentations and Workshops (source new opportunities, coordinate, follow-up, etc.)

This list is a work in progress . . . check back for changes – or suggest one yourself!