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Alvin Goes RVing


We’ll let the pictures tell Lola’s story of Alvin’s very first RV trip. Enjoy!

Alvin, It’s Time To Learn Some Manners

ALVIN SEZ: What are these "manners" you're talking about?

The truth is, Alvin’s training began the moment he stepped in the door of the Wyckoff Road Doggie Hotel & Spa. But, now that he’s beginning to settle in – and his health issues are stabilizing – we’re steppin’ it…

Did You Ask Santa For A Puppy?

Is This Your Christmas Present?

JennaLee Gallicchio of All Star Paws Training Academy asks you to stop and think BEFORE you adopt a pup during the holidays. She provides a list of important points to consider that will help you prepare for a happy, long-term relationship with your new pup!