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The Assateague Adventures

"Alvin, I told you to remain calm . . . now we have to stay inside and watch them through the window." I sighed.

We’re back home after six days RVing in Assateague, Maryland. The humans said we were doing something called “boondocking”. Don’t know what was so special about it. I had all my usual comforts in the rolling doghouse . . .…

Alvin’s Catching On

We’ve tried all kinds of strategies this week to keep Alvin calm after his neuter surgery. This seemed to capture his attention . . . Lola’s, too.

It’s Back To School For Alvin, Too

It's Time For Some Leash Training, Alvin

It’s Time For Some Leash Training, Alvin

Looks like we’re gonna need some more practice. Patience, persistence and consistency are key.