Is Pet Fostering Right For YOU?

Ohhhh . . .  those sad eyes and cute furry faces really tug at your heartstrings, don’t they? You’re especially noticing them now; you’ve got a lot of extra time and you’re spending it scanning social media. Good grief, these needy cuties are showing up everywhere.

Before you take the plunge into pet fostering – or adoption – please take a moment to consider the following:

TIME – It may seem like you have a lot of time right now, especially since we’ve all been asked to “stay home” for another month. But what will you be doing once this restriction is lifted? Will you be going back to a place of work? Heading for a place to take a break or vacation? If you still have a foster pet, what will you do?

SPACE – How much space do you have in your home right now? Do you have room for an additional furry friend and all the paraphernalia? How big, how active, or how many would be reasonable?

COOPERATION – If you’re at home with others, are they all on board with the idea of adding a pet (even if it might only be ‘temporary’)? Does your town or association restrict animals base on size or breed?

ACTIVITY – You may be eager to get out for a walk to quell cabin fever right now, but what will you really be doing on rainy, windy, or exceptionally hot days? What’s everyone else in the house going to be doing, too?

Here’s some other things to consider:

Do you insist upon choosing the animal you’ll be fostering or are you willing to help any in need?

Do you want to be involved in finding and choosing the eventual adoptive family or do you prefer that the organization has total control?

Do you prefer strict, specific rules or are you okay with just a few general guidelines and minimal communication?

Do you feel comfortable as one of many in a large organization or are you energized by being one of a few in a small group?


Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m asking you to think through your preferences. You’ll appreciate taking the time now, before you reach out to a shelter or rescue group. Stay tuned for our next post that addresses how to find the best shelter or rescue group – before you commit to fostering.

Are you currently fostering a cat or dog? Seriously considering it? Many rescue groups and shelters provide the basics during your fostering experience. However, here are some links to additional items that you might want:
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