Foster An Animal . . . Why?

A couple of weeks ago I led two workshops focusing on the need for fostering dogs and cats from our shelters. I fully intended to roll out a series of blog posts shortly thereafter, as part of an extended campaign to raise awareness and recruit families. The surreal events of this past week have skyrocketed the need for foster families and added an important dimension to the question, “Why foster?”

For The “Sweet Beasts”

◙ Help save an animal’s life when a shelter is full. Shelters are reporting an increased number of surrendered dogs and cats.

◙ Free up a spot so a rescue group can take in another animal. Regular adoption days have been cancelled indefinitely; many groups are experiencing fewer adoptions.

◙ Increase an animal’s chance of getting adopted.

  • Some animals don’t do well in a shelter environment
  • The dog or cat becomes more accustomed to a home setting
  • Your observations about the animal help match it with the best home

◙ Provide a calm place for a pregnant or nursing mom with a litter.

◙ Bottle feed newborn animals who might need extra help or just a little time.

◙ Allow the needed time for an animal to recover from an illness or injury.

For You

◙ Fill the “social distancing” gap with a safe, furry friend if you’re feeling a little lonely.

◙ Receive calming comfort and snuggles to reduce your stress during this forced lifestyle change.

◙ Find something meaningful to do while you’re home anyway. After all, how long can you watch Netflix?

◙ Beat the “quarantine fifteen” by having a regular walking or jogging partner.

◙ Show the kids how they can help; they’ll learn lessons of responsibility, kindness and empathy.

◙ Feel really good about yourself and your family as you volunteer to help a homeless animal.


I encourage you to make the choice to foster a feline or canine quarantine companion. There are so many benefits and blessings for both of you!

Are you currently fostering a cat or dog? Seriously considering it? Many rescue groups and shelters provide the basics during your fostering experience. However, here are some links to additional items that you might want:
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