Kind, New 2020 Vision

Be honest. How often do you sit down to make resolutions with the best of intentions? Or maybe you don’t set any goals because you KNOW we won’t keep your promises to yourself. If you received a grade in making – AND KEEPING – resolutions, would you ace it? Or would you barely pass? Do you think about Ghandi’s advice, but fear that you can never “be the change you want to see in the world”?

Do you feel like you would need a miracle to accomplish your goals? It is time to truly be your best self. It is time to look at your goals through new eyes, to set goals for yourself.

Now you have a vision, but now you ask yourself HOW?

  1. Change your thinking.
  2. Set obtainable goals.
  3. Keep kindness in mind as you set each goal.

Not: I want to lose 20 pounds.
Instead: I will make healthy choices because I know that healthy means happy.
Throw in kindness: I will donate HEALTHY items to my local food bank because everyone deserves healthy.

Not: I want to spend less money.
Instead: I will identify needs versus wants. I will focus on needs and limit my wants.
Throw in kindness: I will value TIME more than money. I will find a way to practice random acts of kindness each day by taking the extra time to help others.

Not: I want to spend more time with those who matter to me.
Instead: I WILL set dates and times aside AND MARK MY CALENDAR so that I can spend time with each person who matters to me.
Throw in kindness: I will choose one person who is difficult to love and I will  “kill him with kindness.” You never know what impact compassion can have on those in need.

Not: I want to completely solve the feral cat problem in the entire world.
Instead: I will take a class on TNR (trap-neuter-release) so that I can help reduce the overpopulation of feral cats in my neighborhood. (Look! Here’s your chance!)
Throw in kindness: I will volunteer at local community activist groups when they make feral cat shelters or I will volunteer to help socialize the cats at a shelter or I will adopt the one cat who has been at the shelter the longest.

Not: I want to save every dog in every shelter.
Instead: I will open my home – and my heart – to fostering.
Throw in kindness: Volunteer to walk the dogs, socialize the cats, clean the cages, update the website with descriptions of the animals, or help in any way needed at shelters or rescue groups.

Not: I will change the minds of ignorant people around the whole world.
Instead: I will change the heart of one person by educating and communicating with a balance of facts and love.
Throw in kindness: Since I have a passion for my cause, I will avoid bitterness, but rather take a baby step forward with those who will hold my hand along the way.

Will it work? OH YES!

Just look around you at all the non-profits. See the good. See the kindness. Focus on the positive changes that are happening around you. These organizations started because someone decided NOT to look at the negative, but rather to set goals and seek them through kindness.

So ask yourself, “How can I help? How can I make a difference?” Maybe you will join one of these groups. (Maybe – hint hint!). Maybe you will create your own nonprofit. Whatever the case, make your resolutions with the best of intentions. Keep your promises to yourself. It is time to truly be your best self.


Change your thinking.

Keep your 2020 vision. (Pun intended.)

After all, sometimes miracles are simply people with kind hearts. Be the change. Be the miracle. And do it with kindness.

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Gwen Kusznier is mom to a 12-year old competitive gymnast, a 10-year old AAA hockey player, an adorable 8-year old furball with an adorable underbite (rescued through S&L and fostered by Dee and Paul), and a baby parakeet. She is also the wife to a beer league hockey player. She loves them all fiercely.

Gwen teaches eighth grade English- Language Arts at Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School. She believes that everyone can make a difference and should pursue their passions to make the world a better place. Her students amaze her with their clever Humanity Service Learning Projects in which they educate others about and volunteer for charities such as HarnessLife.

Gwen has been involved in numerous book clubs and writing groups. As she begins her volunteering with HL, Gwen is excited to harness her creativity energies with this new chapter in her life.

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