A Letter To Lola

And just like that – you were gone.

I have a hole in my heart so big right now, I can barely breathe. The thousands of photos, the millions of memories of licks and wicked wags may someday help to comfort me, but not right now.

During the summer of 2010 you chose us and came back to our family after a short adoption that was not quite the right fit. We made a pact that day – you’d work hard to help other dogs and cats and we would love you and take care of you forever.

You were number 43 in a string of 63 foster dogs and puppies during that 2½ year stretch. The very best of the bunch, you willingly welcomed each one who arrived after you and helped them learn how to become good, adoptable pups. Then 3 years later, you again welcomed big boy, Blake, as a possible brother but let us know he was just too big and too enthusiastic for you.

Three months after Blake left for his forever home, Alvin arrived and turned out to be a much better match for you. We will always be grateful for your patience while you tolerated Alvin’s less than stellar behavior these past 4+ years. You understood that he needed our help and love, too. Now he has an enormous job ahead of him without you as his role model.

Even as we traveled the heartbreaking journey through the stages of your lung cancer, we learned many lessons about prevention, nutrition and immune support. Alvin (and his humans) will continue to benefit from this new found knowledge. Thank you, sweet girl, for providing the way to learn these lessons, even though at times it was excruciatingly sad.

You were my soul dog, always eager to do whatever we asked of you. And while I thought I was training you, you were actually trying to teach me important universal lessons about love, patience, and persistence. Now, I will have to work my way through more lessons of loss, acceptance and letting go without you here to help me.

Lola, my unbelievably special pup, I’m so sorry we aren’t able to hop into that rolling dog house to explore all those differently scented places that we had planned visiting together. I’m just not sure how we’re going to find or embrace our “new normal” without you.

Breathe easy now, my baby girl.

Forever In Our Hearts,


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