An Unexpected Journey: A Terrifying Discovery

Lola’s cough was not going away (it didn’t seem much worse either) so I called for an appointment at our local vet, Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital. They were able to get us in the next day, August 14, 2018. We waited outside the building until the “all clear” just in case Lola was contagious with kennel cough.

Dr. Guy did a thorough exam and asked us a lot of questions. She didn’t think it was kennel cough, so they did a couple of x-rays that revealed the horrifying news about a mass in Lola’s right lung. There were spots in her left lung that could be Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – or metastasis of the mass. Either way, it looked pretty bleak.

In order to get a more definitive diagnosis, Dr. Guy suggested a CT scan. There were four options in our area that could do the procedure:

We chose NorthStar, based on some good things that we had heard as well as it being the closest location to our home. I called and made the first available appointment with Internal Medicine for August 31, 2018 to discuss Lola’s situation and to get a Chest CT scan.

Meanwhile, we started Lola on two prescriptions:

  • Theophylline, 100mg (1.5 tablets 2x/day) – a bronchodilator
  • Clavamox, 375mg chewables (1 chewable 2x/day) – an antibiotic

By August 23rd, however, Lola’s cough had worsened significantly. We again called our local vet who squeezed us in for an appointment later that morning. After a quick re-check of her condition, Dr. Farrar recommended that we should not wait until the following week’s appointment. She suggested we go to NorthStar as an emergency intake.

I called my husband, Paul, at work to report our vet’s recommendations. He raced home in less than the usual 50 minutes, we piled both dogs in the car and took off for the hour-long ride to NorthStar Vets.

. . . to be continued.

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