An Unexpected Journey

Lung cancer. Those words struck like a one-two punch to my stomach as our vet explained what she was seeing on Lola’s x-ray.

Lola started coughing two weeks prior; it was just a small annoying – but persistent – cough. I thought it might be kennel cough or a doggie cold or allergies . . . anything but cancer. How could this be? Lola was so apparently healthy otherwise. She just had her senior wellness check-up and complete bloodwork less than two months ago. All her test results were great.

I tried to remain calm, forcing myself to focus on our vet’s recommendations. I paid the bill, gathered up the new prescription medicines and left in a daze. Lola trotted happily to the car, just like the pup that walked into the vet’s office only 30 minutes earlier. My world, however, was now flipped on end.

And so, on August 14­, 2018, we began our unexpected journey.

A heck of a lot has happened during the past 40 days. The speed at which we’ve been discovering resources, processing information, and modifying our approach is breathtaking. Through it all our motivation remains steadfast – to do whatever it takes to maintain our sweet girl’s quality of life for as long as she wants to be with us.

I’m overwhelmed as I continue to find so many pets on a similar journey with cancer or other debilitating disease. It is my hope that others may benefit from our experience as I share the details of our journey here, in a series of posts. It’s also not surprising to me that we’re learning lessons about human health and healing too. There are stories to tell about the two opposite approaches to treatment of Lola’s cancer, our re-thinking about what’s best to feed Lola and Alvin, plus specific information about the resources, prescriptions, supplements and food we’ve discovered along the way.

We’ve been so blessed to have an amazing community of caring friends, family and others offering information, advice and support. Thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way to be kind. I’m also writing this series as a consistent way to keep you all informed.

Please do keep those prayers and positives coming – we all need them right now.

. . . to be continued

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Dee is a hopeless optimistic, fervidly working to end pet overpopulation issues at the source. Founder of and persistent to a fault, she keeps pushin' the #StopRoverpopulation message, preferring pictures over words.


  1. What a beautiful portrait of Loloa’s journey to health and happiness. I know the feeling of helplessness, but always remember……… Lola, Alvin, Paul and you are loved. Thank you for taking such good care of all the souls that come your way 🙏🏻
    As always prayers, hugs, and kisses for Lola!

    • Oh, Patti . . . thank you so much for these wonderfully kind words. We are learning – and reinforcing – many lessons over here. <3

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