How To Create An Extraordinary Yard Sale

Every year, as I’m looking at the pile of leftover stuff strewn hastily back in our garage, rubbing the sore muscles in my lower back and reeling from exhaustion, I swear that I’m never going to do this again.

So, this year I did things differently.

This year I asked for help. And a fabulous group of volunteers (some occasional, some regulars) stepped up to create a successful two-day event. By “successful” I mean that we raised more than $1300 for the Spay Neuter Fund and provided a venue for a local rescue group to find great homes for five of their adorable kittens!

These dedicated folks posted and shared announcements, wrote and submitted articles, sent newsletters and forwarded emails, donated and purchased items, brought refreshments and pleasant dispositions, schlepped stuff in and out of the garage, tidied and merchandised, answered questions, sold, made change, wrapped, bagged, carried heavy stuff down our 100-foot driveway, loaded waiting cars, and even asked for money donations!

But there was more. We met new people and were delighted by old friends deciding to stop by; we listened to stories and looked at pictures of pets; we spoke about prevention . . . and learned some lessons not related to animal welfare.

Was it hard work? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

See you all next year. . .

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Dee is a hopeless optimistic, fervidly working to end pet overpopulation issues at the source. Founder of and persistent to a fault, she keeps pushin' the #StopRoverpopulation message, preferring pictures over words.


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