Fix A Feral For $5: Lambertville

UPDATE 9/10/16: We still have a handful of available reservations for this clinic, so we’ve decided to open it up to “friendlies” as well as ferals! If you have a cat or kittens in or nearby the following towns, register by Monday, Sept. 12th: East Amwell, Flemington, Frenchtown, Flemington Borough, Lambertville, Raritan Township, and West Amwell!

Please note: We are asking for a $5 donation per feral and a $25 donation per friendly (NO ear tip) to “Spay-It-Forward for our next clinic.

Calling all trappers and TNR organizations in the following New Jersey towns (and surrounding area): East Amwell, Flemington, Frenchtown, Flemington Borough, Lambertville, Raritan Township, and West Amwell!

Thanks to a great collaboration with Lambertville Animal Welfare and Elks Lodge #1070, we’ve scheduled the People For Animals Mobile Spay Station for a “TNR only” spay-neuter clinic. Lambertville Animal Welfare is helping to coordinate and promote – and they are giving us a generous “Spay It Forward” donation! The Elks Lodge #1070 is providing the parking area and use of their building. The sterilizations will be funded by through our Spay-Neuter Fund. It’s another win-win collaboration!

  • WHO:  Feral cats (all who have surgery will be ear-tipped) in the towns listed above.
  • WHAT:  Feline spay or neuter for a “spay-it-forward donation” of $5 per feral.*
    • For feral cats: (Must be >2 months and >2lbs.) Includes pre-surgical exam, rabies & distemper vaccines, ear tip, injectable antibiotics and pain control as indicated, tattoo and medical waste disposal.
    • NOTE: See “Additional Services” list below for items that are not covered, but can be requested and paid for by trapper or pet owner.
  • WHERE:  People For Animals Mobile Veterinary Clinic, parked at the Elks Lodge #1070, 66 Wilson St, Lambertville, NJ 08530-1847 (we will send directions with reservation confirmation.)
  • WHEN:  Thursday, September 15, 2016 – Drop off at 7:00 AM / Pickup approx. 4:00 PM (or earlier, if approved for release – we will call)
  • HOW:  MUST PRE-REGISTER by Friday, September 9, 2016. Send an email to: with “$5 Feral Fix” in the subject. In the body of the email you must Include the following information:
    • NAME of trapper or organization
    • MAILING ADDRESS of trapper or organization
    • EMAIL address of the person dropping off/picking up the animal(s)
    • PHONE number of the person dropping off/picking up the animal(s)
    • NUMBER of feral cats you will be bringing, limit 5 per trapper or organization (include genders, if known)
    • TOWN that the cats are from
    • DESCRIPTION of feral cat situation and location (i.e., backyard cats, local feral colony, etc.) of the cats that you are caring for and/or trapping, especially the cats that you plan to bring to this clinic.

We will respond to each email with additional details. Reservations fill up quickly! Contact us now – we will have a wait list, too.

*There are 30 spaces maximum. We reserve the right to adjust as reservations come in and current need is established.

  • +$7 Microchip (includes registration)
  • +$15 Activyl® Flea Treatment
  • +$20 Revolution® Flea & Tick Treatment
  • +$30 Feline Leukemia/FIV Test
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