Fixing Ferals For $5

Our focus on ferals brought together a lot of good folks this past Tuesday. We organized and funded this clinic in Stewartville, NJ because the president of Whiskers Hope Rescue, Lisa Cace, reached out to us with a creative idea. Not only did she offer her driveway as the location to park the People For Animals mobile clinic (The Spay Station) and her garage as the staging and recovery area - she surprised us all by wheeling out a fun hot dog cart for lunch break! We thank our gracious host, Lisa, and her team of volunteers for providing a great location and help to run this feral spay neuter clinic.

Don't be fooled by this almost "festive" atmosphere though. A low cost, high volume clinic is a lot of hard work. Hard work with great results: 20 female and 10 male feral cats - all within a 10-mile radius of Stewartsville - can now live happy lives without ever reproducing again!

To the People For Animals team: Director of Veterinary Services - Dr. David Croman, Mobile Clinic Manager - Angela Thompson, and vet techs - Alyssa and Megan, thank you again for a productive and professional clinic.

To Lisa Cace, Holly and Nicole, thanks for the beautiful venue, good company and extra hands.

Remember, can only pursue and accomplish our goals because of our enthusiastic and persistent volunteers. They are amazing - working behind the scenes and up front at events. Thank you, Madeline Sunga, Paul Strelecki, Marilyn Sanderson, Kristen Kovatch, and Bryna Elder-Munro.

Enjoy the photos!

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  1. It’s wonderful work that you are doing. You have prevented many litters, and the cats that were fixed will be healthier. And they are vaccinated, which is awesome! Great job. I really enjoyed the pictures.

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