Collaborating For County Cats

Yesterday, an additional 7 cats were spayed or neutered at McSnip thanks to our friends at Lambertville Animal Welfare! We had been reaching out for alternatives to help the overflow of requests for spay and neuter at the upcoming free May 23rd clinic. (There were almost 50 requests in 36 hours for the 25 slots.) We also knew about the NJ Department Of Health Low Cost Spay Neuter program, but couldn't find any clinics or veterinarians with available spots. Lori Stagnitto of Lambertville Animal Welfare not only paved the way for us to send these cats to McSnip, she provided the funds to cover the co-pays and vaccines. It was a win all the way - still at no cost to the cat owners!

McSnip has a clever, efficient facility in Pennington and Dr. Wooley is absolutely committed to helping the cats in the surrounding area. Lambertville Animal Welfare is persistent in making a positive impact on cat overpopulation in Hunterdon County - just last week, they took in 21 kittens! Please support their efforts as they both work to help pet and community cats.

Many thanks to volunteer Madeline Sunga, too, for diving in to organize all the paperwork and follow up with the various pet owners to ensure a smooth drop-off at the clinic.

There's still a LOT of intact felines in Hunterdon and surrounding counties, producing an explosive "kitten season" this year. Collaboration among smaller, dedicated organizations is key to achieving the most success so we can help the greatest number of cats find the best homes (indoor and outdoor) and prevent future unwanted litters.

Here are some photos from yesterday. Enjoy!

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  1. Fantastic job! Working together we save lives! Thanks and Lambertville Animal Welfare for this terrific effort.

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